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Dr Snehal shares the impact of water temperature on health and debunks myths.

Dr Snehal Shares The Impact Of Water Temperature On Health And Debunks Myths.

By : Brand Stories | Updated on: 30 Mar 2023, 12:28:26 PM
Dr Snehal

Dr Snehal (Photo Credit: Social Media )

New Delhi :

Dr Snehal clarifies the confusion surrounding the temperature of the water we drink and its impact on our health. There are several beliefs surrounding the topic, with some people believing that hot or warm water is better for digestion, while others believe that cold water can burn more calories. However, according to research, both warm and cold water have their own benefits.

Dr Snehal shares that warm water can help improve digestion, relieve congestion, promote relaxation, and effectively remove toxins from the body. On the other hand, drinking cold water can help replenish the liquid in your body after strenuous exercise or activities, cool down the body temperature, and effectively combat heat stroke during hot summer months.

While there is little scientific evidence to support claims that cold water is bad for you, it may worsen congestion if you're trying to treat a cold or flu. If you have chronic digestive problems, warm water is advisable. Drinking cold water is also linked to triggering migraines,and drinking warm or hot water can make you less thirsty, which should be avoided on days when your body is trying to keep cool by losing water through sweat, such as in summer.

When it comes to fat loss, drinking water, regardless of the temperature, is essential. There is no evidence to prove that hot water or cold water accelerates the weight loss process. Factors such as a sustainable diet and an active lifestyle play a significant role in weight loss. Dr Snehal suggests that your body will guide you to the best option for your hydration needs at the time, whether it is warm or cold water. It is crucial to listen to your body and stay hydrated to maintain optimal health.

Dr Snehal has debunked the myths and presented the facts about the temperature of the water we drink. She hopes that this information will help people make informed choices and adopt healthy habits for their overall well-being. Both warm and cold water have their benefits, and the temperature of water you drink should depend on your body's needs at the time. While water is essential for weight loss, it is not a sole factor in the process. A sustainable diet and an active lifestyle are the key components for weight loss.

Dr Snehal actively shares informative content in the form of posts and reels on her Instagram page. She has more than 565K followers on Instagram who actively engage and consume her valuable content around health and wellness.

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First Published : 30 Mar 2023, 12:28:26 PM