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Empowering Farmers: A Discussion on Agribid's Collaboration with NCCF in Revolutionizing Agricultural Trade in India

The Platform Leverages Technology To Streamline The Buying And Selling Process, Providing Transparency And Efficiency In Agricultural Trade.

By : Brand Stories | Updated on: 22 Apr 2024, 01:15:23 PM
Ashutosh Mishra, CoFounder, Agribid

Ashutosh Mishra, CoFounder, Agribid (Photo Credit: File photo)

New Delhi:

Agribid, a pioneering digital platform in agricultural trade, is spearheading a transformative collaboration with the National Cooperative Consumers' Federation (NCCF) to empower farmers across India. In an exclusive conversation with Ashutosh Mishra, Co-Founder of Agribid, delve into their shared mission to revolutionize agricultural commerce and uplift farming communities.

Q1) Could you provide an overview of Agribid and its objectives?

Ans.  Agribid is a digital platform aimed at revolutionizing agricultural trade in India. Its primary objective is to connect farmers directly with buyers, reducing middlemen and ensuring fair prices for agricultural produce. The platform leverages technology to streamline the buying and selling process, providing transparency and efficiency in agricultural trade.

Q2) How is Agribid associated with NCCF (National Cooperative Consumers' Federation)?

Ans. Agribid collaborates with NCCF to further its mission of supporting farmers in India. NCCF, as a cooperative federation, works to empower farmers and consumers alike by facilitating fair trade practices and ensuring the availability of quality products at reasonable prices. The association between Agribid and NCCF strengthens the reach and impact of both organizations in the agricultural sector.


Q 3) What are the main initiatives or collaborations between Agribid and NCCF?

Ans.The main initiatives between Agribid and NCCF include:

  • - Joint marketing campaigns to promote Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) and their products.
  • - Training programs and workshops for farmers on leveraging digital platforms for marketing and selling their produce.
  • - Facilitation of direct procurement of agricultural commodities from PACS through a digital platform.


Q4) How does this collaboration benefit farmers in India?

Ans. This collaboration benefits farmers by:

  • - Providing them with access to a wider market through digital platforms.
  • - Ensuring fair prices for their produce by reducing intermediaries.
  • - Empowering them with knowledge and skills to leverage technology for better market access and profitability.


Q5) Could you elaborate on specific projects or programs aimed at supporting farmers through this partnership?

Ans. Specific projects or programs include:

  • - Setting up collection centres in rural areas to aggregate produce from farmers.
  • - Providing technical assistance and training to PACS on quality standards and market requirements.
  • - Establishing linkages between PACS and potential buyers, including retailers, processors, and exporters.
  • - Training and guidance to PACS on various schemes of the Government.


Recently we have done comprehensive program to educate PACS on the P.M anna bhandaran yojna, which is supposed to be the largest grain storage scheme in the world.

Q6) In what ways does Agribid contribute to improving farmers' livelihoods and market access?

 Ans. Agribid contributes to improving farmers' livelihoods and market access by:

  • - Creating a direct link between farmers and buyers, thus reducing transaction costs and improving price realization for farmers.
  • - Offering a transparent and efficient platform for farmers to showcase their produce and connect with buyers across geographical boundaries.
  • - Providing market intelligence and insights to farmers, enabling them to make informed decisions about crop planning and marketing strategies.


Q7) How does Agribid ensure fair pricing for farmers' produce?

Ans. Agribid ensures fair pricing for farmers' produce by:

  • - Reducing middlemen and connecting farmers directly with buyers, thereby reducing the layers of commission.
  • - Facilitating price discovery through transparent bidding processes on its platform.
  • - Enforcing quality standards and certifications to enhance the value of farmers' produce in the market.


Q8) What are the challenges faced by Agribid and NCCF in their efforts to support farmers, and how do you address them?

Ans.Challenges may include:

  • - Limited digital literacy among farmers.
  • - Infrastructural constraints in rural areas.
  • - Market volatility and price fluctuations.
  • - These challenges are addressed through targeted capacity-building initiatives,
  • - infrastructure development, and market interventions aimed at stabilizing prices and enhancing market access for farmers.


Q9) Can you share any success stories or notable impacts achieved through the collaboration between Agribid and NCCF?

Ans. Success stories may include instances where farmers have experienced significant income gains by selling their produce through digital platform, or cases where NCCF has successfully facilitated procured through PACS and made Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) to farmers, leading to improved livelihoods and economic empowerment for farmers.

Q10) Looking ahead, what are the future plans or goals for Agribid in its partnership with NCCF and in supporting farmers in India?

Ans. Future plans may include:

  • - Scaling up the reach of the Agribid platform to cover more regions and commodities.
  • - Creating more storage capacity in collaboration with PACS Providing easy access to finance, seeds, pesticides & fertilizers to our farmers.
  • - Strengthening partnerships with other stakeholders, including government agencies, financial institutions, and technology providers, to enhance the support ecosystem for farmers.
  • - Continuing to innovate and adapt to changing market dynamics to ensure sustained impact and growth in the agricultural sector.


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First Published : 27 Mar 2024, 04:42:57 PM