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Empowering Transformation: Hyderabad's Leading Breast Reduction Surgeon Offers Hope to Macromastia Patients

27-year-old Isha Verma Complained Of Severe Neck And Back Pain Because Of The Excess Size Of Her Breasts. Her Condition Affected Her Quality Of Life And Her Physical Activities Too. She Also Suffered From Mental Anguish.

By : Brand Stories | Updated on: 23 Apr 2024, 10:50:38 AM
Breast Reduction Surgeon

Breast Reduction Surgeon (Photo Credit: social media)

New Delhi:

27-year-old Isha Verma complained of severe neck and back pain because of the excess size of her breasts. Her condition affected her quality of life and her physical activities too. She also suffered from mental anguish.

When she consulted a renowned breast surgeon in Hyderabad, Dr. Harikiran Chekuri, she got a solution for her problems. Dr. Harikiran, talking about this case, said, “Isha was suffering from a condition known as Macromastia that affects many women. Her breasts were excessively large and it caused her physical pain and discomfort. After examining her, I decided that the best solution for her problem was to carry out reduction mammoplasty.”

Reduction mammoplasty is also known as breast reduction surgery. When women have large breasts that are affecting them physically and mentally, surgery is needed to reduce breast size. The surgery would focus on removing excess breast tissue, skin and fat. When done by a seasoned plastic surgeon, the surgery would ensure the best aesthetic results.

Dr. Harikiran then explained the procedure and its benefits in detail to Isha. Dr. Harikiran ensured that he briefed Isha about potential risks and post-surgery care. Satisfied with the consultation, Isha decided to go ahead with the breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Harikiran and his team then carried out the reduction mammoplasty surgery. His expert surgical skills and the excellent facilities at the clinic ensured the surgery's success. Upon completion of the surgery, Isha experienced an immediate reduction of her severe back and neck pains. Dr. Harikiran gave meticulous instructions on post-surgical care, and Isha followed them all dutifully.

She was soon completely healed, and the benefits of the surgery became apparent. Her breast size had reduced and was now proportionate to her body size. The pain reduced to a great extent, allowing her to be physically active. Most importantly, her confidence had returned. She no longer felt upset about her looks and looked forward to being socially active. She extended many thanks to Dr. Harikiran for his expert care.

Ms. Vishaka Goyal, co-founder of ClinicSpots, a healthcare portal in India states, ‘Dr. Harikiran Chekuri is one of the best plastic surgeons in India, he offers comprehensive cosmetic surgeries that resolve certain physical imperfections and also enhance the patient’s image and confidence. He has improved the quality of life of many patients through rhinoplasty, tummy tuck surgeries, breast lift surgery, and even breast implant surgery.’

Dr. Harikiran states, “Plastic surgery is not only to improve aesthetic appearance but also helps in dealing with physical problems. Women who suffer due to large breast size should seek a medical solution for their problems. Breast reduction surgery is a safe and effective way to reduce breast size. It helps improve the quality of life in patients, just as it did in Isha’s case. Women must visit a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon with experience in handling similar patients.'

About Dr. Harikiran Chekuri

Dr. Harikiran Chekuri is the top plastic surgeon in Hyderabad, known for his expertise in breast surgery. His two decades of practice and expertise have made him the preferred surgeon for breast surgery. Since 2014, he has been offering quality plastic surgery solutions at his Redefine Clinic. Today, Redefine Clinic is considered one of the best plastic surgery centres in Hyderabad.

A gold medallist in plastic surgery and winner of the Vaidya Siromani and the No. 1 plastic surgery centre award, Dr. Harikiran is one of the most respected board-certified plastic surgeons. His pleasant demeanor and compassionate outlook make patients feel comfortable. With a dedicated team, he has made a difference in the lives of numerous patients.

Contact Dr. Harikiran Chekuri

If you want to meet Dr. Harikiran Chekuri for a consultation about your problems, you can contact him by calling 09237123456 for an appointment.

Dr. Harikiran’s clinic Redefine, is located at:

-Millenium Square, Level 3, Old Mumbai Highway,

-Above Ratnadeep Supermarket, LumbiniAvenue,

-Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032.

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First Published : 23 Apr 2024, 10:50:38 AM