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WATCH: For Less Than 1000 Rupees, This Home-Made Air Purifier Could Be The Solution To Delhi's Pollution

Delhi-NCR Was Plagued With Severe Pollution That Has Become A Serious Health Hazard But These New Home-made Air Purifiers Could Be The Solution To Avoid Pollution At Homes.

By : Raghwendra Shukla | Updated on: 08 Nov 2019, 07:59:14 PM
 Improve air quality inside your house using this homemade air purifiers.

New Delhi:

Air pollution has become a serious health issue in North India. The Air quality recently plunged to 'severe plus' levels forcing officials to declare a 'health emergency' in Delhi-NCR and people were advised to stay indoors. But the situation inside houses remains more or less the same unless you are using air purifiers. Different types of air purifiers are available in the market with prices starting from 10,000 and above. This pricing makes it unfordable for many people. However, there is a ray of hope for ordinary people. What if we tell you that there are home-made air purifiers - which are as efficient as the one available in the market and can be made by using simple devices?  

To make this air purifier at home, two basic things are required. One is an air filter and the other is exhaust fans. These are devices which are usually used in kitchens and bathrooms. The air filters are easily available online and you can easily order or buy it from nearby market. Air filter for a regular exhaust will cost you around Rs 300 and exhaust fan can be purchased at a price of around Rs 600.

Now you must be wondering how efficient this homemade air purifier would be. According to Dr KK Agarwal, president of the heart care foundation of India, those who can buy air purifier from the market is good enough but those who can’t afford should use this and reduce harmful effect of air pollution.

How Does It Work?

The first step is you need to fix this air filter on the suction point of the exhaust. Suction point of a fan is the side from which it pulls air. Now when the exhaust pulls the air, particulate matter present in the air will get filtered and you will get fresh air.

"An air purifier can reduce the pollution level by 80-90 per cent and this homemade purifier is almost as efficient as the one you buy from market as this will bring PM2.5 to below 50,” Dr KK Agarwal added. According to Dr. Agarwal, its efficiency can be checked by easily available air monitor.

So, if you want to improve air quality inside your home without spending much money, here’s an easy way to make an air purifier at home.


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First Published : 08 Nov 2019, 07:06:54 PM