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English Vinglish: Most common English mistakes people make - Part 1

These Mistakes Are Not Limited To The Advanced Use Of The English Language But Also To The Basic Form.

By : Tahir Qureshi | Updated on: 29 Nov 2017, 12:59:58 PM
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New Delhi:

The English language is a universal language as it helps people from different parts of the world to connect with their counterparts from far away, remote areas. However, many people have been using certain words and terms in a wrong way thus making mistakes without realising it. These mistakes are not limited to the complex use of the language but also to the basic usage.  

This write-up and following parts will share with you most common mistakes that people make with English language and also tell you how you can avoid making those mistakes. 

Sharing with you 15 of the common mistakes people make with the English language: 

  Incorrect Correct
1.  Give it to I Give it to me
2. These is my child This is my child 
3. She sings good She sings well
4. She was my old friend She is an old friend
5. There is much dusts There is much dust
6. There were less people There were fewer people
7. It was Tom’s and Peter’s car It was Tom and Peter’s car
8. The dog hurt his leg The dog hurt its leg
9. I have written to my sister that lives in Mumbai I have written to my sister who lives in Mumbai
10. One of the planes are late One of the planes is late
11. The scissors are broken The scissors is broken
12. We gave the flowers to the customer in the refrigerator We gave the flowers in the refrigerator to the customer
13. She almost washed all of the dishes She washed almost all of the dishes
14. Uttar Pradesh is bigger than any state in India Uttar Pradesh is bigger than any other state in India
15. It is a old television set It is an old television set


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First Published : 28 Nov 2017, 02:30:22 PM