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Read How These Teachers Helped Their Students To Become Successful In Life

Read How These Teachers Helped Their Students To Become Successful In Life

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Krishnendu Chatterjee | Updated on: 05 Sep 2019, 12:42:06 PM
Read How These Teachers Helped Their Students To Become Successful In Life. (File Photo)

New Delhi:

Teachers’ are our guardian angel who teach us, guide us and keep enlightening us in every aspect of life. Their experience and ability to share knowledge is worth everything. It is because of them we prosper in life and move forward. Though it may seem ludicrous to write about teachers particularly on September 5, their contribution to the society is unparallel and should be celebrated every day. Besides, every teacher in some way or the other is responsible in framing the life of students.

It is rightly said by the great Indian ancient Saint, Adi Shankaracharya in his Guru Ashtakam that “No matter of how successful a man or likewise his consort is, if his head doesn’t bow down to the lotus feet of his Guru (Teacher), Then What, Then What, Then What”. What he meant to say was for everything we have become today, it’s all due to the able guidance of our teachers.

Taking bout Teachers’ Day, let’s take a look on some of the best conversation between some teachers and students that will motivate and inspire you for sure:

Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda

Sri Ramakrishna was a great saint of his times and also the Guru of Swami Vivekananda. Once interesting conversation between goes like this:

Swami Vivekananda: Why life has become complexed and confused?

Sri Ramakrishna: It’s because your mind is full of bubbling thoughts. Practice to master and calm your mind. This will give you clear perspective in life. And, the rest is history.

Krishna and Arjuna

In the epic battle of Mahabharata Arjuna asks his Teacher Krishna:

Arjuna: Lord, what is way of self-realization?

Krishna: First of all, try to see everything as an object and you as the subject. In this way, you will reach at a point where your subjectivity will become one with the entire universe.

Conversation of unknown teacher and student

Student: What is Ego and how to get rid of it

Teacher: Once there was a small boy who used to steal an apple from the jar placed in an orchard. The owner saw that and thought to teach the boy a lesson.

He placed a jar full of apple with a small opening neck. This time the boy’s hand got stuck while picking the apple and he was not able to pull out his hand that was full of apple.

The farmer who was hiding close got over him.

Lesson: The small boy could have easily pulled his hand out by letting go the apple. However, the greed and ego to take the apple with him brought all the misery in his life.

Therefore, understand the importance of “To Let Go” It works!

Happy Teachers’ Day 

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First Published : 05 Sep 2019, 12:42:06 PM