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World Animal Day: 5 Most Intelligent Animals Who Never Fail To Amaze Us

World Animal Day Is Being Observed On October 4 Worldwide. The Aim Of World Animal Day Is To Raise Social Awareness For The Love And Care Of Animals. Before Beginning The Story Of 5 Intelligent Animals, Let’s Promise To Show Our Care Towards Them.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Krishnendu Chatterjee | Updated on: 04 Oct 2019, 01:06:47 PM
World Animal Day: 5 Most Intelligent Animals Who Never Fail To Amaze Us

New Delhi:

World Animal Day is being Observed on October 4 worldwide. The aim of World Animal Day is to raise social awareness for the love and care of animals. It is a united movement and our responsibility to show love towards animals as they too are conscious beings like us. The day is celebrated on the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the messiah of animals. Before beginning the story of 5 intelligent animals, let’s promise to show our care towards them.

Here, we begin:

Chimpanzees: Say Hello to them and they will respond

It’s not only we humans that have conscious minds, chimpanzees too have smart brains. And, interestingly, our genomes are also majorly identical. In a way, we can brace them in the form of lost friends. Like humans, Chimps work in a group, take part in strategy planning for making tools and hunting in groups. Several researchs have shown that chimpanzees are able to show understand and exhibit emotions. The are self-aware beings who love to interact and respond to humans if treated with love.  

Dolphins: Full of Creative Skills

Dolphins families can pass skills from one generation to another. In one instance, a Dolphin in Australia used a sponge to safeguard her snout wen searching for food on the seafloor. This tool behaviour is passed from mother to daughters in Dolphins. It’s just one sign of smartness and creativity among many in Dolphins. Several studies have found that dolphins can understand human actions and respond to them with water dances and creative moves to show their love and acceptance.

Elephants: Self-conscious traits make them smart

Elephants have absolute brain that suggests they shall know quite a few things about the world and its behaviour. Like humans, elephants are found to be helpful animals who come in rescue for other animals and console others at times of pain. They love to play in water and communicate through vibrations sensed in feet. They have strong memory power and show their attachment and love through their eye and trunk movement. If trained, elephants can too simple human works as well.

Crows: Looks Don’t matter, smartness does

Though Crows don’t fall in the category of Animals, still their smart skills are worth mentioning. Crows can very well make creative and crafty tools from feathers, twigs and debris material to catch food items from tough to reach places. Crows get these skills from their past generations and love to interact in a group like us. Further, they are smart enough to navigate and find their routes to destination.

Dogs – Symbol of Faithfulness and Compassion

Dogs are not only intelligent and respond to human advices but also are faithful and compassionate animals. Many researches and studies have found that Dogs can understand verbal and non-verbal clues and do their job perfectly well. They are Human’s Best friend and always stick to the vows of discipline and courage depending upon the situations. They are lovely animal who show the character of courage, love and faithfulness.

Happy World Animal Day!

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First Published : 04 Oct 2019, 01:06:47 PM

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