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If you want dirty politics, vote for them and if you want development, vote for AAP

AAP National Convenor And Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal Today Addressed A Massive Crowd In The Chambi Ground Of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Nandini Shukla | Updated on: 23 Apr 2022, 09:29:53 PM

vote for them and if you want development, vote for AAP (Photo Credit: file photo)

New Delhi:

AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal today addressed a massive crowd in the Chambi Ground of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Shri Kejriwal pitched for a ‘Naya Himachal’ as he reasoned with the public to boycott the politics of corruption and elect the politics of development. He stated — People of Himachal Pradesh are saying they’ve seen how BJP-Congress have looted the state and they now want to elect AAP to power. Bring AAP to power by throwing out all these old parties just like the people of Delhi and Punjab threw them out of power. I only know how to build schools & hospitals and give electricity, water & employment; I can’t engage in dirty politics like they do. If you want dirty politics, vote for them; if you want development, vote for AAP. We are not like them, AAP is a party of honest, well-meaning, educated Deshbhakts. You gave 30 years to Congress, 17 to BJP, I am asking for only 5; next time my work will speak for itself. All I said to the people of Delhi was that if I have done anything good, then only vote for me, they gave us 62 out of 70 seats. They are so scared of AAP venturing into Gujarat and Himachal that they are trying to hold early elections. Don’t worry, if the people come together and decide, no one can stop AAP from coming to power. Why does Jairam Thakur say that Himachal Pradesh can not get an honest government? The situation in Himachal isn’t different but their intentions are completely corrupt, all they want to do is loot the public. We have revolutionised Delhi’s government schools in such a manner that almost 4 lac students have switched from private schools to government schools. We’ve revolutionised public healthcare in Delhi; all treatments are completely free; only AAP can replicate this in Himachal too. Only in Delhi is it possible that the public doesn't have to go to government offices, but the government comes to their doorstep to do their work. Just in such a short while, AAP’s Punjab Government has eradicated corruption, ensured 300 units of free electricity and announced 25,000 government jobs. BJP hasn’t given a single job to anyone anywhere; I have given 12 lac jobs in Delhi in 5 years and will give 20 lac jobs in the next 5. I call upon all the well-meaning and honest people of Congress and BJP to join AAP; we will together build ‘Naya Himachal’.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “We call Himachal, the Devbhoomi. I seek the blessings of all the Devis and Devtas who have blessed these sacred lands as AAP ventures into the state. When the lords were making this earth, they chose the lands of Himachal to be the most divine yet the most charming. The lords gave Himachal all they had, be it mountains, rivers, trees, jadi-bootis, fruits, flowers and good-hearted people. The lords left no stone unturned to enrich Himachal. But on the contrary, the Congress and BJP left no stone unturned to loot all that the lords had given to the state. Congress ruled the state for 30 years, BJP for 17 years and they both together ransacked the state treasuries. These parties are proving all that I say just by making one stupid move. All their leaders, all their workers are spending all their time abusing me in front of the media. Tell me one thing — did Kejriwal loot Himachal or did these parties loot it? Why are they abusing me? BJP’s Nadda Sahab and Anurag Thakur dedicate their whole speech to me and hurl abuses at me. Yesterday, CM Jairam Thakur tweeted and said Delhi Model won’t work in Himachal. What is the Delhi Model, I ask? The Delhi Model is a testament to honest, dedicated, progressive governance. Jairam Thakur says it is not possible in Himachal because of the state’s social and economic conditions. What kind of a joke is this argument? The conditions aren’t a factor, BJP’s evil intentions are. Why can’t Himachal get an honest government?”

He continued, “I don’t know how to practice their kind of politics. I am an Aam Aadmi. I can’t engage with their dirty politics. I am a deshbhakt. All I know is deshbhakti and working for the betterment of the society. If need be I can sacrifice my life for the country. These people must not forget our roots. We were born out of the Anna Andolan. The largest anti-corruption movement humanity has ever seen. The people of Delhi gave us one chance. In just that one chance, we transformed the state. Look at our government schools. Look at our hospitals. And look at those of Himachal. Jairam Thakur would get his answer in a minute. I invite everyone from Himachal to come to Delhi and witness the change. In fact, I invite CM Jairam Thakur to come to Delhi too and visit our government schools. Before we came to power, the government schools of Delhi were in a pathetic state. Only those who had no option sent their children to government schools. It took us just five years to change them. This year, 99.7% Delhi Government School students cleared board exams. On the other hand, other states record just 40%-60% of pass rates. This year, almost 4 lac students switched from private schools to government schools in Delhi because of our work. We will replicate it in Himachal too. In fact, no one else but AAP can do it. Private School owners had their own nexus of sorts before AAP came. They’d harass and extort huge sums from parents. They’d ridiculously increase fees as they wished. We came and banned it. Not once in the last seven years have they increased their fees now.”

The Delhi CM stated, “We transformed government hospitals in the state, built mohalla clinics all over the state. Now be it a crocin, a blood test, a transplant or a cancer treatment, we offer it for free in Delhi. You don’t have to pay even a penny even if the treatment costs 40-50 lacs. We will cover the entire cost. We will do it in Himachal as well. The biggest feat we achieved is that we completely ended bribery and corruption in Delhi. I found out that many of you have to travel long hours to get a minor task accomplished at a government office. In Delhi, we have launched a phone number for doorstep delivery of all government related services – 1076. All one has to do is call on this number, state their purpose like getting a caste certificate, ration card, establishing an electricity connection, and a government officer will visit them at their own home to get their work done, and they will not be forced to make rounds of any government offices for days. Only Delhi has implemented such an efficient system in the entire world, and we will ensure the same for the people for Himachal Pradesh. We are additionally providing free pilgrimages to the people of Delhi – and aim to do the same for Himachal Pradesh. Only the Aam Aadmi Party is capable of running such schemes, other parties are simply busy with corruption and squandering public money.”

He added, “We formed a government in Punjab very recently, and all forms of corruption have already been eradicated from the state. You can call up anyone in Punjab and confirm how Bhagwant Mann and the entire AAP Government has made their state completely corruption-free. We have also made 300 units of electricity absolutely free for the people of Punjab and created 25,000 government jobs for the youth. In Delhi, our government generated jobs for 12 lac young people over a period of five years. We will hence provide jobs to the people of Himachal Pradesh as well. It was brought to my notice that Jairam Thakur did not provide a single job opportunity to the people here; the BJP completely failed to generate any kind of employment, while we gave 12 lac such positions in the past 5 years and have promised to provide 20 lac more such jobs in the coming 5 years.”

He continued, “When Jairam Thakur found out about my visit to Kangra, he announced that his government would make 125 units of electricity free for the people of Himachal. If they can promise free electricity in one state, why are they not doing the same in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana? They should. At this point, PM Modi and Amit Shah immediately called Jairam Thakur warning him against making free electricity announcements, which the Himachal CM explained to be yet another false election promise. An exam took place, in which both Arvind Kejriwal and Jairam Thakur appeared. Thakur sat right behind Kejriwal and copied each and every answer in the exam – Kejriwal wrote, ‘we will give 300 units of electricity for free in Delhi’, so Thakur copied and wrote, ‘we will give 125 units of free electricity in Himachal Pradesh’. It is said that even to make a proper ripoff one needs to apply their brain - ‘Nakal Karne Ke Liye Bhi Akal Chahiye’, but they cannot even copy anything smartly. Now it is on Himachal to choose whether it wants ‘Nakal Wale’ (mindless copycats), or ‘Akal Wale’ (educated and honest policy makers).”

Shri Kejriwal further stated, “Today, every single person in Himachal Pradesh has given up on the two national parties of Congress and BJP after having been governed by them for so long. They are desperately seeking a third, worthwhile alternative for their state as all the BJP and Congress did was thoroughly loot Himachal. Now is the chance for Himachal to look to the Aam Aadmi Party as a more than credible alternative to rescue them from misgovernance and corruption, to lead their state on a path to undeterred development and progress. There are some good people in BJP, Congress and other parties in Himachal Pradesh, all of them are not bad. They are feeling suffocated in their parties. Now the time has come to make Himachal Pradesh walk towards development. Time has come to change the state of Himachal Pradesh. I want to appeal to all the good people in BJP and Congress to leave their respective parties and join the Aam Aadmi Party and together we will make a ‘Naya Himachal Pradesh’. The people of Himachal Pradesh are very nice. They are honest, hardworking and straightforward, but these leaders and parties are bad. They looted Himachal Pradesh. People of Delhi uprooted all the old parties and put the government in the hands of the Aam Aadmi. Himachal can do it too. If you want politics then vote for them and if you want development then vote for me. I am an educated, honest and patriotic man. Aam Aadmi Party is a party of staunch honest patriots. You gave 30 years to Congress and 17 years to BJP, I am asking for only five years from you. If I don't work, don't vote next time. Next time I will not come to ask for votes. Give us a chance, next time my work will speak for itself and ask for votes. Elections were held in Delhi two years back. I told the people of Delhi that if I have worked for five years in Delhi, then vote for me. If I haven't worked, don't vote for me. Delhiites gave 62 out of 70 seats to me. People have told me that in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat these people are terribly scared of the Aam Aadmi Party. I say, they are afraid of the public, not of us. They have decided that they will conduct the Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat elections earlier than usual. If everyone comes together, whether it is done in June, or in December, the power will come in the hands of the Aam Aadmi.”

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First Published : 23 Apr 2022, 09:29:53 PM