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PM Modi interview: What anti-incumbency? I see pro-govt wave in poll season

This Comes A Week After PM Modi’s Last Interview To Another Private News Channel.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Srishty Choudhury | Updated on: 05 Apr 2019, 01:05:31 PM
PM Modi gives health advices while going to vote. He asks the people to make this festival of democracy a success. (Photo: BJP/Twitter)

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address two rallies in Uttar Pradesh's Amroha and Saharanpur. He will then head to Uttarakhand's Dehradun. At 8 am today, the prime minister’s second interview of the poll season will be aired on ABP. This comes a week after PM Modi’s last interview to another private news channel.

Here are the highlights:

# PM Modi gives health advices while going to vote. He asks the people to make this festival of democracy a success.

# I have been fasting during Navratri for years now. I will also observe it this year. This Navratri not as tough as September-October Navratri. During that time, I don't eat anything. This Navratri, I eat one fruit: PM.

#Lutyen's Delhi didn't accept me and I also didn't accept it: PM Modi.

# Vijay Mallya and the rest were scared of us, so they fled: PM.

# This year the wave is stronger. I feel the government should be formed with a full majority: PM Modi.

# On Amit Shah likely to be given No. 2 position in the party this year with him contesting Lok Sabha polls: Do you want to bring a rift within my party?, PM Modi quipped.

# On Mamata Banerjee's "Expiry Babu" comment, PM Modi says, " Every person on this earth comes with an expiry date. I don't know mine. If she knows, well and good."

# On NaMo TV, Modi says: I haven't had the time to see the channel.

# I am sure the people of the country have started believing now that Modi doesn't favour the corrupt.

# It was a step taken by huge courage which resulted in the betterment of the country's economy in the long run. PM also said that demonetisation helped in tracking black money and undisclosed income: PM.

# I have explained the merits of demonetisation time and again, and I will explain it again: PM

When I was the Gujarat CM, I was asked what your government has done for Muslims? I said, 'My government has done nothing for Muslims but also my government did nothing for Hindus too. My government worked for the people of Gujarat.' I work for all the people irrespective of religion. My mantra is "Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas": PM.

# Interviewer to PM Modi: What is Narendra Modi's relation with India's Muslims? Why can't Muslims trust BJP.

# I have always completed any task given to me with full dedication and commitment: PM.

# I have worked in as many as 450 districts in the evening, says PM Modi. I have always been a wanderer. I have always been hard-working. 

# I meet people, I interact with people: PM.

# Democracy should be vibrant. There should be challenges. Challenges should increase for a healthy democracy, says PM Modi.

# The interviewers asked PM if he is strong because the Opposition is weak, asks PM Modi.

# I come from a very simple family. How can I take names of such "Naamdaar people"? says PM as a reply to the previous question.

# Why don't you ever take Rahul Gandhi's name? You call him 'Shahzaada', 'Raja': interviewers to the PM.

# Even father of the Constitution BR Ambedkar had said that dynastic politics is dangerous for democracy, says PM Modi. 

# On why he contested from Varanasi in 2014, he says, "I only listen to the party. The party chief thought I should contest from Varanasi, so I did."

Democracy gives the right to everyone to contest elections from wherever they want, says PM on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's chances of contesting against him in varanasi.

# Why is this party, which is almost 125 years old, facing a crisis to elect a good leader: PM Modi.

# Those making such baseless allegations must give proofs. All the cases against these people were there before I came to power. All the cases against them were supressed and now if those cases reopen, what is my fault: PM.

# Congress indulging in drama to gain sympathy, says PM Modi.

# It is shameful that some people think like this, I was not aware that something like this will happen, says PM Modi on the allegation of him busy in photoshoot when Pulwama attack took place.

# At 3.40 am, I was told mission was successful. I could have slept, but I didn't: PM

# On Balakot air strike, PM Modi said, the biggest proof was given by Pakistan itself by tweeting about the attack. Those who are putting allegations or asking for numbers can keep on doing that.

# We are following the path of former PM Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee who believed on Jamuriyat (democracy), Kashmiriyat and Insaaniyat (humanity), says PM Modi.

# We only targetted terrorists in non-military operations, says PM Modi.

# We have differences with China but also have good relations, says PM Modi.

# We have completed work of providing electricity, toilets in every household of Jammu and Kashmir.

# No point being soft on separatists. This will not help the country in any way, says PM Modi.

# Due to the difference in thoughts, we asked PDP for a re-election in Kashmir but they started threatening that if elections will be conducted they will be a revolt. This is when we decided to part ways from the party: PM

# I have travelled across Kashmir when terrorism was at its peak, says PM Modi.

# Do you want to embolden "Tukde-tukde gang", says PM Modi on sedition law.

# Want AFSPA-free India: PM Modi.

We don't play with the law of the land, says PM. We abolished 1,400 archaic laws, says PM.

# Non-political people should judge Congress' poll promises.

# Track record of Congress' poll promises poor: PM

# The Congress has insulted our armed forces in their manifesto, says PM Modi.

# It is possible to expect a mature manifesto from an experienced party like Congress, but their manifesto has brought a lot of disappointment. The Congress has looked for shortcuts in its manifesto, says PM. He says, "Shortcut will cut you short."

# Only 2 PMs till now who are not of Congress 'gotra' --- one Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the other Narendra Modi, says PM.

# I took big as well as tough decisions, says the prime minister.

# Aspirations have aroused in country's common man during my tenure: PM Modi.

# During the previous government's tenure, people did not have aspirations from the government. We instilled hope in the people in these 60 months: PM Modi.

I had asked the people for 60 months against the 60 years of misrule, says PM Modi.

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First Published : 05 Apr 2019, 08:00:16 AM