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News Nation Conclave | One who can't chant 'Bharat Mati ki Jai' cannot live in India: Rashid Alvi

Watch News Nation Conclave - Ram, Raksha And Rashtravad - Where We Will Discuss Issues That Are Used By Political Parties And Their Consequences.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shashikant Sharma | Updated on: 26 Mar 2019, 05:27:21 PM
Rashid Alvi

New Delhi:

Top political leaders, prominent speakers and defence experts will discuss the three burning issues – religion, national security and nationalism at News Nation Conclave – Ram, Raksha and Rashtravad. The first session of the conclave will start at 10 am where we will discuss whether Lord Ram is the subject of faith of the people or the political parties are using the name merely for the vote bank politics. From BJP’s Ram Vilas Vedanti to AAP MLA Alka Lamba, top leaders will discuss if Ayodhya will top the agendas in the poll season:

National security is one issue where all parties should stand in unity, says K C Tyagi

Our government is gone, 2 crore jobs was your promise, then you will be questioned on unemployment, says Rashid Alvi

The opposition is shouting unemployment as if before 2014, every youth was having a job, says Ramesh Bidhuri

NDA's agenda is developmnent, when 'karsevaks' created violence in the name of nationalism, I oppose it. We have worked for nation's development, says K C Tyagi

BJP starts talking about Ram temple whenever elections near, says Rashid Alvi

One who doesn't chant 'Bharat mata ki Jai' cannot live in India, says Rashid Alvi. 

When they can call Hafiz ji, then why can we not call Jinnah 'ji' who has been founder of Pakistan, says Ramesh Bidhuri

Only will Ram temple issue is pending in Supreme Court, we are waiting. The day Supreme Court gives its verdict, the ordinance will be passed within seven days, says Ramesh Bidhuri 

I will be happy when per capita income increases, not when someone appears in list of richest people, says K C Tyagi

During Salt Movement, the RSS was standing against Mahatma Gandhi, says Rashid Alvi 

Is the government wanting to fight the elections taking the credit of the action of the armed forces, asks Sharmishtha Mukherjee. 

Where is Ram Mandir, where is 56-inch chest, look at the condition of Kashmiri Pandits, the government is finding ways to defer from the prominent issues. They are raising issues on remarks and statements to defer from the main issues, says Alka Lamba. 

This election is taking account of the government's performance in the last five years, but they are now hiding. "What you sow is what you eat," says Alka Lamba. 

Everyone remembers who released Masood Azhar, says Sharmishta Mukherjee

In 2010, under the UPA rule, 25 hardcore terrorists were released in "goodwill gesture", shahid Lateef was one of them who was Pathankot attack mastermind, says Geeta Bhatt. 

Today mob lynchings are taking place in country, that doesn't mean all Indians are involved in mob lynching, says Sharmishtha Mukherjee in connection with issue of Pakistan's involvement in terrorrism. 

Surgical strikes were carried out in UPA regime, there is no need to publicise such things, says Sharmishtha Mukherjee. 

A politician says a nation cannot be held responsible for 6-7 people killing some people in 26/11, says RSS ideologue Geeta Bhatt in direct attack on Congress over Sam Pitroda's remarks on Pulwama attack and 26/11 terror attack.   

If you are questioning the people about their nationality, then you are the biggest anti-national, says Alka Lamba in attack on the BJP. 

I am about to complete 25 years in politics. I have never seen in these 25 years that every Indian is being asked about his nationalism, says Alka Lamba

Is chanting 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' nationalism? Congress being called anti-national is the worst thing, says Sharmistha Mukherjee

Fifth session with Sadhi Pragya concludes. Watch Shehla Rashid along with Congress' firebrand youth leader Sharmistha Mukherjee, AAP MLA Alka Lamba and Geeta Bhatt expressing their views on secularism in the sixth session. 

Sadhvi Pragya slams Rahul Gandhi's promise of minimum income guarantee, asks if the former believes that we are beggars.

Don't you consider Rahul Gandhi's Hinduism as Hindutva? Sadhvi Pragya says he will not be able to establish this fact that he is Hindu because they have been involved in 2G, 3G, Jija ji scams. 

I don't consider Hemant Karkare as a martyr. Even his wife admitted that ever since Sadhvi Pragya has been arrested, their relatives stopped calling them, says Sadhvi Pragya.  

They tortured me, but what they wanted to admit, they failed in it. They could have forcefully made Swami Aseemanand write the statement according to them as he was physically weak, says Sadhvi Pragya.  

Digvijaya Singh ruled MP for 10 years, after that Uma Bharti defeated him in suchy a way that he did not dare to talk about politics for 16 years. Now he has dared again, and this time another Sadhvi would love to do the same to him, says Sadhvi Pragya 

I would like to challenger Digvijaya Singh on the Bhopal seat, says Sadhvi Pragya. I would love to defeat those who have called Hindu terror, saffron terror, she added. 

Asked about why Digvijaya Singh is targeting her, Sadhvi Pragya says whoever is involved in politics, is always afraid and insecure. He is an anti-social element, she added.  

On question whether the training of using weapons is against the minorities, Sadhvi Pragya denies charges, saying it is not related to religion but it is against wrongdoers and anri-social elements. 

Yes, we train people to pick weapons as ghosts of kicks some people cannot understand through talks. I admit this and I am not afraid of anyone, says Sadhvi Pragya 

When I was 6, I had decided to dedicate my life for the nation, says Sadhvi Pragya 

For 13 days, I was put in a dark room without any sunlight. On the 14th day, my arrest was shown on paper, says Sadhvi Pragya 

When they used to beat me with belt, I used to shout "Bharat Mata ki Jai" and "Vande Mataram", says Sadhvi Pragya 

They tortured me, male police personnel used to beat me, did not let me see the sunlight for 13 days, says Sadhvi Pragya, recalling the interrogation in the 2008 Malegaon blast case. 

Congress' policies have never been for the nation. Digivijaya Singh in Madhya Pradesh conspired against me, they tortured me to make me false admissions to things I never did, says Sadhvi Pragya

Congress tries to suppress patriots, questions actions by armed forces, says Sadhvi Pragya.

Sadhvi Praghya targets those questioning the surgical strike and sirstrikes. 

There would have been no issue had the Ram temple been constructed, says Sadhvi Pragya.

Congress stands against Lord Ram, says Sadhvi Pragya 

Session four ends. In session five, Ajay Kumar will once again discuss the issue of Ram Temple with Sadhvi Pragya Singh.

"The political discourse in the country has stooped to a new low. It is shameful that political parties drag our defence forces in their own fight. It should be condemned," says defence expert RS Vajpayee.

"India is preparing to equal China and Pakistan has given a lot of land to them and that's why it is protecting Masood Azhar," say experts.

"Indira Gandhi showed will in 1971, Rajeev Gandhi showed the same courage when he sent Indian Peace Keeping Forces to Sri Lanka and faced the consequences. In the same manner, the Narendra Modi government should also be given credit for showing strong will," says RSN Singh, defense expert.

"The decision of Balakot strike was taken by the government. It was a hard decision. There were risks involved and had there been any setback, the blam would have been gone to the government. So, if the blame goes to them, the credit should also be given to them," says defense expert Major General Lalotra.

Session three concludes. Coming up next is session four where Peenaz Tyagi will discuss the challenges of terrorism and internal security with our defense experts. In the session, we will also discuss the recent air strike and the way our leaders politicised the bravery of the military for their own political gains.

"If you look at the history of the last 25 years of Kashmir, most number of terrorists were killed during the Narendra Modi government's tenure. Earlier Army soldiers used to beheaded by Pakistan, now we are killing them one by one," says Mahesh Giri.

AAP's Sanjay Singh counters, "Soldiers are still being beheaded. The government himself has accepted on the floor of the house that infiltration has increased." 

Anurag Dikshit aks: PDP calls Burhan Wani a martyr, calls for soft approach in Kashmir, yet BJP formed an alliance with them, what kind of politics is this?

BJP MP Mahesh Giri: "The decision was taken in favour of interest of Kashmir. When we realised that the interests of Kashmiri people were being compromised we snapped the ties."

"It's sad that Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls our country's politician poster boy of Pakistan. What kind of image is he portraying in front of the world?" asks AAP's Sanjay Singh.

"The report of the Parliamentary Committee was not based on one government's tenure. India is the world's largest buyer of weapons because we are trying to strengthen our forces," replies BJP's Mahesh Giri.

"If the military is your priority then what made Parliamentary committee say that we are not spending enough on air force," asks Anurag Dikshit.

"Pulwama incident was not politically motivated. It was an attack on national security and was responded befittingly," says BJP's Mahesh Giri.

Session three begins. The third session is about national security where we will take up the question that why our national policy is not based on our national security. The guests in the panel will include AAP leader Sanjay Singh, BJP MP Mahesh Giri, senior Congress leader Ajay Maken among others. Our senior correspondent Anurag Dikshit will be the moderator of the show.

Second session concludes.

Don’t talk to Pakistan, shut down the embassies, says Swamy.

If BJP is voted to power then work on Ram Mandir will begin from July, declares Swamy.

A member from audience asked Swamy, ‘why Amit Shah can’t throw him out of party? Is he aware about any weak point?’ ‘Amit Shah can’t throw me out of party single-handedly. He must take a decision only after consulting RSS leadership. Our internal democracy is very strong,’ says Swamy.

The second session is proving to be the most entralling for the audience. 

Swamy alleges that Rahul Gandhi has four passports.

Gandhis are Christians, wearing rudrakash just for show, claims Swamy  

Sonia Gandhi should be conferred with Guinness Record for longest printing error, says Swamy as he recalls the Cambridge affidavit against UPA Chairperson.

(Mahatma) Gandhi’s assassination emboldened (Jawaharlal) Nehru, claims Swamy.

Pakistan will be divided into four pieces by 2022, predicts Swamy.

If BJP is the bulb then RSS is like a power plant, says Swamy.

To pray at Ram temple is the fundamental right of every Hindu, says Swamy.

How can I be a chowkidar? I am a brahmin, I tell people what to do and whom to protect. I have the gyan(knowledge), says Swamy. 

(PM Narendra ) Modi is the most secular and liberal leader in entire RSS setup, says Swamy.

‘Who needs enemies when you have a friend like Arun Jaitley,’ says a very cryptic Swamy.

The second session begins. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy will be in conversation with News Nation's Ajay Kumar. Swamy will talk about the Ram Temple agitation and the case, which is currently being heard by the Supreme Court. 

The first session concludes with Vedanti saying that if Justice UU Lalit could recuse from the case because he was Kalyan Singh’s lawyer, then Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi must also recuse from the case as he is the grandson of senior Congres sledare and ex-Chief Minister Kesab Chandra Gogoi.

"BJP doesn't work either for the appeasement of Hindus or the Muslims. We work for the betterment of the nation," says Vedanti.

"When BJP can bring Ordinance on Triple Talaq, why they didn't even once bring such Ordinance for Ram Temple. Narendra Modi government didn't fulfill its promises. We will welcome the Supreme Court decision but issues related to faith are not resolved by courts," Acharya Krishnan slams BJP.

"If Congress never said they will build the Ram Temple at the disputed site, they never said the temple should not be built," Acharya Krishnan counters BJP's Ram Vilas Vedanti.

"Only BJP will build Ram Temple. Congress never said they will construct the Ram Temple at the disputed site," says BJP's Vedanti.

"Jo Ram ka nahi, vo kisi kam ka nahi," says Acharya Krishnan.

"This election is being fought on the issue of Nationalism vs Terrorism. Ram should not be linked with the elections," says BJP's Vedanti.

"We have never been in support of the BJP but we did hope that if when there would be a full majority government, the issue of Ram Temple will be resolved," says Acharya Pramod Krishnan.

"There should not be any fight for a piece of land. Namaz can't be read at the place of a bloodbath. Ayodhya has seen so much of bloodshed and is not a suitable place for reading Namaz and where NAmaz can't be read, what would be the use of a mosque there," says Waseem Rizvi who supports Ram Temple at the disputed site.

Ram Temple issue arises whenever there are elections. Is Ram Temple only an election issue? Peenaz Tyagi asks Ram Vilas Vedanti.

"Ram is everywhere. It is not just an election issue. This issue will remain till the time Ram Temple is built. Babar was a looter and terrorist, no Masjid should be named after him," says Vedanti.

Country's biggest conclave has started. Our senior correspondent Peenaz Tyagi is in conversation with BJP MP Ram Vilas Vedanti.

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First Published : 26 Mar 2019, 09:31:36 AM