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Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar highlights: Salman Khan GRILLS Priyank Sharma for body shaming Shilpa Shinde

Housemates Have Engaged In Some Nasty Fights In This Week And Have Even Passed Some Insulting Comments On Each Other.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Abhishek Ranjit | Updated on: 26 Nov 2017, 03:07:23 AM
Salman Khan MIFFED with Priyank Sharma for body shaming Arshi-Shilpa

New Delhi:

It’s Saturday once again and it is time for Bigg Boss 11 ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode. The popular reality show has witnessed quite a few developments in the past one week and host Salman Khan will be grilling the contestants on the basis of the same.

The housemates who have been nominated for eviction include Shilpa Shinde, Sapna Choudhary, Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma. One of them will be leaving the Bigg Boss 11 house.

Housemates have engaged in some nasty fights in this week and have even passed some insulting comments on each other.Priyank Sharma who has been embroiled in a rivalry with Arshi Khan ever since his return, commented on Arshi and Shilpa Shinde’s weight.

The young lad told Hina Khan that both of them can never compete for captaincy because of their weight issues. As per the sneak peek shared by the channel, Salman Khan will slam Priyank for body shaming the two ladies.

As another dhamakedar episode of Bigg Boss 11 goes on air, we are here to provide you live updates from Salman Khan’s show.


#Salman Khan is upset with Akash Dadlani and leaves the sets by saying Akash lost the task

#Puneesh and Akash finally face each other in the Akhada, housemates tell Akash not to be a spoilsport

#Salman Khan says the spark is missing in Akash Dadlani which was quite visible earlier

#Salman Khan is dissapointed with Akash's behaviour, asks him if this has happened to him for the first time

#Puneesh Sharma says he wants to hug Akash Dadlani and mend their friendship, also says he promises to something big for Akash

#Akash Dadlani refuses to participate in the task despite Salman Khan asking him to do so

#Salman Khan asks Akash Dadlani to hug Puneesh Sharma and move on

#Hina Khan tries to clarify things over what Benafsha said, Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma get in a fight once again

#Salman Khan announces that Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani will face each other in the 'Sultani Akhada'

#Hina Khan says that she won't regret if she faces elimination

#Salman Khan tells the housemates that eight weeks have been completed now and anyone can go on to win the show but a small mistake can cost them an opportunity to win the show

#Salman Khan tells everyone that Shilpa Shinde is safe this week

#Salman Khan asks Hina Khan if she has put a stronger contestant in danger to save Luv Tygai

#Salman Khan asks if Luv's strategy is to convince others to save him

#Salman Khan tells housemates not to have any sort of misconception regarding their popularity

#Salman Khan asks Hina Khan about her love for Luv Tyagi and why she continues to favour him

#Salman Khan talks about the nomination task and asks Hina Khan what she expected from Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani during the nomination task

#Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma get into an agrument, Salman Khan gives us a glimpse of the nominations during the week

#Salman Khan asks Vikas Gupta if he felt offended with the comments passed on him

#Priyank Sharma says he doesn't like Arshi Khan because of her comments on him

#Arshi Khan tells Salman Khan to ask Priyank Sharma on why he is so angry with her

#Salman Khan compliments Arshi Khan over her saree

#Hina Khan accepts her mistake and says she should have intervened

#Salman Khan tells Hina Khan that the show is not about you

#Salman Khan asks Hina Khan if he is favouring others

#Shilpa Shinde tells Hiten Tejwani that Hina Khan always speaks rubbish for others

#Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde get into a fight, Hina calls Shilpa frustrated

#Hina Khan says she would like to clarify that it is not fair to blame her for everything Priyank Sharma does

#Hina Khan tells Salman Khan that she can stop Priyank Sharma till a limit

#Hina Khan tries to give clarification over why she never snubbed Priyank Sharma while he was passing physical insults on Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan

#Salman Khan grills Priyank Sharma for his comments, questions Hina Khan on why she never rebuffed his comments on Shilpa Shinde's weight

#Salman Khan asks Priyank Sharma about the body shaming comments he passed on Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde

#Salman Khan asks Priyank Sharma about his family members, questions him who does the household work in his house

#Salman Khan then calls Priyank Sharma to the 'Katghara', asks him about what he said during this week

#Salman Khan has a special advice for Akash Dadlani and tells him that to move on

#Salman tells that from game wise Puneesh is right but from friendship's point of view Akash is correct

#Puneesh Sharma tries to give an explaination as Akash fumes with anger 

#Salman Khan asks why Akash took Puneesh's name as the villian of the house

#Salman says he won't react on these things if people are not willing to understand

#Salman tells housemates not to bring the caste and religion in the show, says even kids don't like that

#Hina Khan clarifies that she did not add any spice to the matter, Salman Khan says Hina also told the same to Priyank and others

#Salman Khan blames Hina Khan for instigating the fight between Puneesh and Sapna Choudhary

#Sapna Choudhary tells she wants to see the clip

#Salman calls Puneesh Sharma to the 'Katghara'

#Salman Khan tells Sapna that Puneesh was not wrong in this case

#Salman tries to tell Sapna about masses and classes

#Salman Khan tells Sapna Choudhary that whatever Puneesh has said about her was conveyed in the wrong way

#Majority of the housemates take Priyank Sharma's name except Hina who takes Vikas Gupta's name

#Salman Khan asks the housemates to name the villain for the week

#Salman Khan tells Akash why he is behaving like a saint in the show

#Arshi khan and Shilpa Shinde get into an agrument over the former talking to Sapna Choudhary

#Shilpa Shinde questions Arshi Khan's loyalties towards her

#Arshi Khan, Akash Dadlani and Sapna Choudhary have fun inside the kaal kothri

#Salman Khan reminds about the nominated contestants who can be eliminated from BB11

#Salman Khan makes a dashing entry on the Bigg Boss 11 set

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First Published : 25 Nov 2017, 09:01:07 PM

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