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Bigg Boss 11, highlights, Episode 39, Day 38: Hina, Benafsha and Hiten sent to jail

Bigg Boss Will Ask The Housemates To Nominate Two People Who Were The Worst Performers In The Task And Should Be Sent To The Jail.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Abhishek Ranjit | Updated on: 10 Nov 2017, 12:31:02 AM
Bigg Boss 11: Hina,Benafsha and Hiten sent to jail

New Delhi:

The dimensions in Bigg Boss 11 have changed over the past few days. The past week was all about Vikas Gupta-Shilpa Shinde, but now it seems other contestants are trying their best to hog the limelight. The fight between Benafsha Soonawalla and Akash Dadlani has been making waves in the house. 

The luxury budget task which was given by Bigg Boss ended up creating more drama in the BB11 house as housemates started accusing each other for its failure.  The house has turned into a battleground with the constant fights and allegations.

 Bigg Boss will ask the housemates to nominate two people who were the worst performers in the task and should be sent to the jail. So who will be sent to the 'kaal kothri' is the major question. 

Benafsha who ended up pulling Akash's hair during an argument will be reprimanded by Bigg Boss. She will be sent to the jail as punishment. She will be nominated for eviction directly for next week.

As another dhamakedar episode of Bigg Boss 11 is aired, we are here to provide you highlights from the Salman Khan's show. 


#Akash mocks Luv by saying here comes a doggie, Arshi supports Akash

#Luv says that who has the audacity to scare him should try

# Arshi continues to irritate Luv by saying 'Dar Gya, dar gya'

#Vikas has an argument with Luv, tells Arshi not to let Luv sleep

#Hina Khan, Benafsha, Hiten enter the jail

#Arshi continues to taunt Hina Khan

#Hina Khan tells Sabyasachi she is disappointed with his decision 

#Sabyasachi names Hina Khan and Hiten Tejwani as the worst performers

#Bigg Boss asks Sabyasachi to name the two housemates who will join Benafsha in the jail

#Bigg Boss gives special power to the three contenders for captaincy- Akash, Bandagi, Sabya. These three will decide the housemates to be sent to jail

#Puneesh says the housemates are yet to come to a decision

#Bigg Boss asks Puneesh whom the housemates are sending to the jail

#Housemates have a fight over whom to send to the jail

#Vikas and Hina get into an argument over the nominations

#Hina nominates Puneesh and Shilpa, Vikas tends to disagree, says Puneesh shouldn't be sent to jail

#Benafsha gets emotional after Bigg Boss decision, Priyank consoles her

#Arshi says 'slow claps' mocking Hina Khan, Benafsha and Priyank

# Bigg Boss asks housemates to nominate two worst performers in the luxury budget task, says even supervisor can be nominated

#Akash and Arshi rejoice when they hear Bigg Boss' punishing Benafsha

#Bigg Boss directly nominates Benafsha for eviction for next week, sents her to kaal kothri

# Bigg Boss says that Benafsha did a wrong thing by pulling Akash's hair

#Bigg Boss tells housemates that physical violence is not at all allowed in the house and it won't be tolerated

#Mejhabi tells Vikas that Benafsha is instigating Priyank against him

#Hina Khan gets emotional, ends up crying. She reveals her concern for Luv, Benafsha and Priyank

#Arshi tries to provoke Hina Khan by singing self-made songs

#Hina says Mehjabi's best friend is Arshi Khan now

#Mehjabi alleges the housemates lost the task because of Hina, she says the prize money became zero because of her

#Mehjabi replies back saying Hina said that commoners left the spaceship because they are not paid anything

#Hina Khan and Mehjabi Siddhiqui engage in a war of words during a conversation, Hina accuses Mehjabi of interfering everywhere

# Benafsha gets into a small argument with Sapna

# Shilpa and Arshi discuss Puneesh and Bandagi's closeness in the BB11 house

# New day starts with the song ' Bach ke Rehne Re Baba' housemates dance on the peppy song

#Priyank and Benafsha have a talk in the garden area, Priyank tells Benafsha he knows her boyfriend meanwhile Puneesh and Bandagi continue their talks

#Arshi confronts Luv Tyagi, after the confrontation says she will beat Hina Khan

# Arshi accuses Luv of seeing her inappropriately, tells Vikas about the same, she says Luv is seeing her like this because Hina told him to do so 

#Priyank Sharma and Benafsha discuss about their close friendship

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First Published : 09 Nov 2017, 10:29:08 PM