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Ki and Ka Debate: What’s wrong in becoming a Househusband!

Ki&Ka Has Rightly Presented A Known But Unsaid Truth Of Patriarchal Indian Society. The Trailer Well-exposes The Double Standards Of Indian Progressives Who Want Everything At-par Between A Man And A Woman But Find It Awkward If A Wife Goes Out To Earn Bread And Husband Doesn’t.

By : Aman Dwivedi | Updated on: 17 Feb 2016, 10:20:17 AM

New Delhi:

“Mein Gay Nahi hu…. Sex change operation bhi nahi karvana chahta... I like women… I like whiskey… par ye office, career ambition ke chakkar se door rehna chahta hu…..(I am not Gay, I don’t want sex change operation, I like whiskey.. I like women but want to stay away from chaos of office and career ambition)” Arjun Kapoor(Ka) nails it with this dialogue. Believe me, there exist many Kas who want to be househusbands, but are never allowed to do so by Indian society.  

Ki&Ka has rightly presented a known but unsaid truth of patriarchal Indian society. The trailer well-exposes the double standards of Indian progressives who want everything at-par between a man and a woman but find it awkward if a wife goes out to earn bread and husband doesn’t. Let’s face it! We all are those ‘Indian progressives’ talked above.

The bigger question and concept this movie puts forth is the word ‘House-Husband’. If there exists an ancient tradition of ‘Housewife’ then why can’t there exist a Househusband. After all, a man can cook as a woman, can wash cloths, do-dusting and what not. In fact, except breast feeding, there is hardly any task that a male can’t do at home!

Isn’t the tradition of male necessarily going out to earn is a pivotal factor responsible for disparity between partners at Indian households? Surely it is!

In fact this is what gives birth to ‘male-ego’. The thinking which makes males believe that he is the one superior and the survival of the other person depends upon his activities.

Arre! Biwi ki Kamaai Khaegaa kyaa……

The trailer has a scene where Arjun Kapoor’s (Ka) father shouts the same at him and Arjun’s expression foretells ‘what’s wrong in that’.  But the bitter realty is different, if you are born a male in India, you just can’t sit at home. It will be considered more than a sin! Forget unemployment, even if you earn considerably less than your wife, you will be looked down upon in the society. Forget society, your in-laws will be the first in queue to strip you.  Either you will have to hide your salary or just fake the fact that you are unemployed.  

This culture, which forces a male to be the front earner of the family, has evolved with the evolution of Indian society during thousands of years.

Also, this is the prime reason which makes women believe in concept of ‘marrying rich’ or say someone richer than them. And in menace of finding a rich husband, women in India generally overlook other qualities like generosity, humbleness, care-which are necessities one aims in partner.

However, I beg your pardon! Not every woman is like that.

If anyone can anchor this much needed change in society, it’s women themselves. The modern Indian woman who can go out – earn, lead, fight and rule the world has to realize that she shouldn’t only aim equality, but should also look for superiority (if earning makes you superior) on her better half.   

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First Published : 16 Feb 2016, 10:27:00 PM