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Who fell in 'Game of Thrones’ Long Night Battle and who said 'Not Today' to God of Death

Here Are The Most Love Game Of Throne Characters Who Lived And The Ones Who Will Be Missed For Ever.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shriparna Saha | Updated on: 29 Apr 2019, 03:06:03 PM
Who fell in 'Game of Thrones’ Long Night Battle and from whom death was #NotToday

New Delhi:

Game of Thrones last episode clash was a masterpiece of tension and release, admiration and heartbreak, grandiosity and last but not the lease honest confession.

It deftly mixed genres from horror, savegery to action and as it shifted from the chaos of the fighting in and around Winterfell, to the terror reaching the crypts. Even the dragons dogfighting in the night sky was quite a nail bitting event.

The intense fight however saw many prominent charcater meet their epic end. If the contrast of your screen played spoilsport and you want to know the fate of your favourite character, here are the ones who lived and the ones who will be missed forever.

Edd Tollett a.k.a. Dolorous Edd

The former commander of the Night’s Watch remained loyal to his brothers He rescued Samwell Tarly from a wight only to become wight-fodder himself seconds later, one of the first casulty in the battle.

Lord Beric Dondarrion

Beric, who wound up on Arya’s kill list for a stint, fought alongside Arya and the Hound until the bitter end, ultimately sacrificing himself to rescue Arya from a band of the dead army.

Lyanna Mormont

One of the most fierce and courageous characters, the lady of the Bear Islands died in classic defiant kid style — taking down a huge zombie ice giant. She then reprised briefly as an ice zombie herself.

Ser Jorah Mormont

Ser Jorah died living out his dearest fantasy: protecting his queen and the love of his life, Daenerys Targaryen, from a horde of wights. She, in turn, cried over him a lot in his final moments.

Theon Greyjoy

In a death that made everyone drop a tear or two, but surprised no one was that Theon, who tasked himself with protecting Bran in the godswood and almost in a suicidal feat charged the Night King in Bran’s defense and sacrificed him. But Bran told him he was “a good man” first, so he died at peace.

An astonishingly high number of characters survived this episode, from side characters that many fans had totally written off like Grey Worm, the Hound to pretty much everyone in the Winterfell crypts. 

We however aren't sure about what fate fell on Samwell Tarly and his family or the Ghost. The characters who feature in the future episodes and play a role to bring in the new Queen or king of the iron throne will be revealed in the next episode.

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First Published : 29 Apr 2019, 03:04:21 PM