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Game of Thrones Ep 5 S-8: Worst of Danyerys has been unleashed, is Mad Queen on Arya's kill list now?

The Episode Started With Varys Facing Penultimate Punishment For Treason, The Most Unlikely End To A Great Character Who Has Made Through All These Seasons Could Have Got

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shriparna Saha | Updated on: 13 May 2019, 08:49:42 AM
GoT Sn 8 Ep 5: From Varys to Cersei, casualties of 'final war' will break your heart

New Delhi:

If you think Long Night was one of the most dissapointing episode, take a step back and watch the secound last episode of Game of Thrones Season 8. If Last Night was gloomy and dark, thhe 5th episode was all torched up but not the obvious way. 

The episode started with Varys facing the punishment for treason , the most unpoetic justice a great character who has made through all these seasons could have got, followed by Tyrion repaying his debt by freeing Jamie who was held captive on his way to the King's Landing.

Jon Snow, however, has come in terms with the fact that her Queen might not be the one he has bend his knees to and its not love but 'fear' that now keeps him loyal to his Queen 

Watch the episode not to know who gets killed and who survives, watch it to know how thet get killed and when for it lacked a climax or a 'wow' momemt . 'The Bells' made the 8 sesaon long build up for the claim to the Iron Throne unnecessary. There were no political indecisions or twists, sudden revelations that can break your nerves. Just a cringeworthy 52 min long episode that make you keep a tab of who all gets killed

The Iron Fleet positions its scorpions to guard the narrow sea, but ends up getting torched by the Queen. This was just the beginning when after successfully destroyiing the entire fleet, she gets to the King's landing only to make the Gokden Company, Lannister army surrender or fled. 

However, this was not the end of the war, the Mad Queen finally revealing her worst side torches the entire city which was unneccessary, however, a realisation that was necessary for her supporters, especially Jon Snow.

Creators David Benioff and Dan Weiss chose the final season's penultimate installment as the battleground to test out Cersei's theory and ends up killing important characters like The Hound, The Mountain, Maester Qyburn,  Euron Greyjon and finally jamie and Cersie.
Men, women and children alike are brutally killed in a wide variety of ways. Many of them are burned alive by Daenerys. Others are raped and murdered by soldiers. Much of this action is filtered through the perspective of one person deeply familiar with death: Arya Stark, who tries to kill Cersei, but is discouraged by the Hound, who all but begs her to choose life. 

The episode ends with Arya finding a white horse in the midst of the ruins. She approaches the elegant creature, mounts it, and rides away, her future uncertain, Will she alter her kill list? Is Danerys on It? What happened to Jon Snow and Ser Davos are the questions the final episode will have to answer.

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First Published : 13 May 2019, 08:47:31 AM