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Game of Thrones: Here are questions final episode should answer before its reign as best fantasy series ends

Game Of Thrones Creators Need To Answer Much In Its 50 Minute Long Episode That Will Premiere In Few Hours

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shriparna Saha | Updated on: 19 May 2019, 01:33:15 PM
Game of Thrones: Here are questions final episode should answer

Game of Thrones: Here are questions final episode should answer

New Delhi:

The second last episode of Game of Thrones, the final season was screened recently. And we are sure to say that King’s Landing isn’t the only place burning. With amasses what was killed and burned were our innocent expectations from the series. People waited for one full year, to have answers to their fan theories and no one seems happy. Plus, the wait has always existed and it piled up to the last bit so much that audiences have now signed a petition for re-writing and producing the entire season. Well, we aren’t sure how much of that will happen, but we are sure to say that there are these big questions that audience need answers to.

Is night king truly, really, with all his powerful army and wit, DEAD?

After the episode we all had been waiting for, what takes us by shock is if Night King and his army actually defeated? The 82-minute long episode focused entirely on the Battle of Winterfell. From the beginning, we were told that only Dragonglass and fire can kill him. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen took to the epic aerial battle against the Night king who rode his own dragon. Daenerys tries to burn him down but he remains unaffected. But how? Wasn’t fire supposed to burn him down? If not, then how come he died from Dragonglass dagger that Arya pressed against him? The Night King and his army break into shards of ice but even though he breaks apart, our sixth instinct is forcing us to believe the opposite. All this while, he was seen as the “most important bad guy”, the guy preparing an army of the dead, do we really have to believe that he got knifed in the stomach and died. No! 

Who’s finally going to claim the throne? Will there be any throne? 

Now that our caring and ever-loved Daenerys has turned Mad, I am sure no one wants her to claim the Throne. Plus, the show from the very beginning has pressed Jon’s character King-like, we have no clue if Jon will side away from Daenerys and claim what he deserves and is rightfully his. Till now, we see only two contenders to the throne. On who wants it badly and that’s her sole purpose and the other who doesn’t want honor at all. And since Jon doesn’t want it and Daenerys has burned literally everything, will there be any throne at all? Can’t say who gets it, but we are sure that it’s Arya who’s going to play the most pivotal role in the naming of King/Queen. And who knows? If she’s the one who’s promised!

What’s the meaning of all those spiral patterns that Night King made out of human body parts?

Well, the question is a throwback to season one opening, where we see a spiral-like a pattern made from Human flesh. Flash-forward to episode 1, season 8, the eerie dead child who screams in Tormund’ ears at Night’s watch. The spiral pattern was for sure a commonality scene in episodes with Night king. But what does the sign even mean? Answer- There is no Night king and literally no fan theory available to answer this! Retry! 

What was Night king’s purpose? Why was he waging a war against the living?

Night King was amongst those ‘Baddies’ whose aim was not made clear. We know Children of Forest created him to protect themselves from First Men who invaded their lands and cut their sacred trees. But later after the defeat in the war of dawn, Night King survived and created an army of the dead. He existed and waged a war against the living. But why did he not do those years before, considering he had the army….that too of Dead. Why Now? And why did he finish only one dragon? Why did he not kill Jon when he had the chance to? What does he want? Does Bran know? The story of Night king and the army is as dark and blurry as the episode 4 of season 8. Oops!

What role does the house of undying and Daenerys’ vision play? What happens of that vision now? 

Season 2, episode 10, “VALAR MORGHULIS”, when Daenerys enters the House of Undying, she visions of Red Keep covered with Ash/Snow. She gets distracted from the throne and is called by her Husband and Son. Does this mean she will not claim the throne? Do the ashes hold relevance to the recent episode? Was it ice implying Jon Snow will take charge? All we can say is... Let’s wait. 

What happened to the letters Varys wrote before he was burned alive by Daenerys? Why did he leave his rings behind?

In the opening of the recent episode, we see Varys’ writing letters to the unknown. In the letter, he reveals that Jon Snow is the true heir to the throne. But whom were the letters written to? Will the letters be claimed? Plus, if yes, then who is this person who believes Varys’ words more than Mad Queen. 

We also saw him leave his rings behind. The rings are either poisonous, considering Game of Thrones’ history of using jewelry as poison. Or Varys’ gave away all his wealth before dying to attain eternity. I believe the former. 

What good was Lord of Light? Why does Melisandre always say “the prince that was promised”? Who is promised?

The religion of Lord of Light, was its purpose only to bring characters back? If not, then the last episode better is a revelation of the purpose for which Jon Snow bought back to life. A lot lies on who the Azor Ahai, the “Prince That Was Promised,” is because whosoever is the Azor Ahai, he/she wars ice and death. Our competitors to Throne both have battled ice and death. What needs attention is who owns littlebringer.

“The prince that was promised” the only line that Melisandre stressed upon in the entire series. But who is the promised king? And is this saying gender-neutral enough to accommodate Daenerys

What is the significance of the feather that we saw in season 8 teaser?

In the first ever episode, we see King Robert Baratheon placing that feather at Lyanna’s grave. The trailer of season 8, we saw the same feather flowing from Lyanna’s hand.  The feather flows as Jon passes by. Speculations are that Jon’s will come out in open and he will rightfully claim the throne. Its the truth about Lyanna, Rhaegar, and Robert that will be made known to all. But what more does that feather hold is what the audience awaits.

Game of Thrones is a series known for the surprises, the twists and the adrenaline rush that it gave to the audience. It’s a show that gave away drama and emotion but because the writers changed this season, the season seems a bit off. The season seems to focus on its ultimate end and has bought the character narrative to a disappointing conclusion. The ending seems to dominate more, what’s disappointing is why were the characters built so much when if the directors had to bring everything down like this?

Well, the hope still on the table is that THE-FINALE- EPISODE will BLOW-OUR-MINDS and make us forget everything, even the ignorance of Jon towards Ghost!

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First Published : 19 May 2019, 01:33:15 PM