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Game of Thrones Season 8: Every unexpected, unsatisfying twist in penultimate episode had its roots in previous seasons, here's proof

Each Of The Turn That The Episode Took, Have Relevance To The Previous Seasons And Here’s What We Have In Store.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shriparna Saha | Updated on: 16 May 2019, 02:04:24 PM
How GoT creators were hinting about twists of penultimate episode all through

How GoT creators were hinting about twists of penultimate episode all through

New Delhi:

Daenerys might have missed the sound of bells, but we did not miss the intricate details of Episode 5, Season 8 of Game of Thrones. The episode involved the much-awaited battle at King’s Landing, but things took a burning turn, leaving the audience raged and discontented with their loved characters. However, each of the turn that the episode took, have relevance to the previous seasons and here’s what we have in store. We have more throwbacks than Jon Snow’s FALL BACK! 

1.  Prosecuted Protectors of the Realm 

The episode opens with Varys writing a letter revealing Jon Snow’s true identity. Throwback to season 1, when Ned Stark writes to Stannis Baratheon, revealing Joffrey’s identity and later gets betrayed by little finger leading to his death. Guess who did the same move? Our very own Tyrion Lannister! Tyrion reveals Daenerys of Varys betrayal, and she burns the eunuch down. Varys pays the price just like Ned Stark. Varys’ has been hinting of his betrayal from the last episode, where he asks Jon to claim the throne because he deserves it more than anyone. He even tries to convince Tyrion Lannister of his fading faith in the to-be queen. All he wanted was to protect the realm, and we hope his last letters serve that purpose. 

2. Women, Cravens……and Eunuchs

Not a secret anymore that Lord Varys tries to poison Daenerys. How!? Well, remember the little girl Martha, one of his little birds, who enters the room to tell that Daenerys is not eating and the guards are watching her. He reassures her that “bigger the risk, bigger the reward”. And this risk is definitely related to having Daenerys murdered. This is not the first time anyone tried to poison Danerys. The same happened in Season 1 when Robert Baratheon tried to kill her and her child using a wine celler.

3.    “Look at me”

Hound shouts to Arya Stark “look at me” and tells her to get back and convinces her to leave the red keep, that revenge is not what keeps one going. He says the same to the ‘little bird’, Sansa Stark, during the Battle of Blackwater in season 2. The difference is that Arya listens and finds a purpose we all await. Sansa, in contrast, refuses and takes her own path. 

4.  Visions not only limited to Bran

In Season 2, episode 10, Daenerys has a vision of entering the Red Keep, destructed and demolished. It is both burned and destructed and there are ashes from the sky. Now what the debate stands with is whether the Red Keep was burned and ash or was it snowing indicating that Jon Snow is the heir to the throne, not her. Now we await what happens in the last episode and who truly owns the throne. 

5.  Born together, Die together 

In this episode, we see Queen Cersei reuniting with Jamie and dying together to crumbling debris. Quoting back to season 5, Jamie Lannister tells Bronn that he wants to die in the arms of the women he loves. Well, Brienne and Jamie were never meant to be together and Cersei was the only women that he loved, madly. In the episode we see just that, with the song Rains of Cashmere and Light of the seven, both are victorious of life but will not survive anymore

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First Published : 16 May 2019, 02:03:57 PM