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Hold Up! How Is Steve Trevor Still ‘Alive’ Despite The Ultimate Sacrifice In ‘Wonder Woman’?

In The Trailer We Saw Diana Reliving Tevor’s Memories, Telling The Cheetah, Unknown To Diana Then That The Nerdy Character, Played By Kristen Wigg Will Later Turn Out To Be Her Antithesis, How Much She Misses Him.

By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 19 Dec 2019, 04:12:59 PM
Wonder Woman 1984 Releases June 2020

New Delhi:

Wonder Woman sequel Wonder Woman 1954 starring Gal Gadot had its trailer release this week after two long years of waiting. Apart from the usual Diana slashing her Lasso and her new bad-ass Eagle costume, the one aspect from the Patty Jenkins movie that had fans shook was when Diana’s love-interest, Steve Trevor made an appearance despite his death scene or ‘sacrifice’ for Diana in 2017’s Wonder Woman.

In the trailer we saw Diana reliving Tevor’s memories, telling The Cheetah that she was in love 'a long, long time ago', unknown to Diana then that the nerdy character, played by Kristen Wigg will later turn out to be her antithesis, how much she misses him. Fast forward 67 years after the events of the first movie, viewers of the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer were left confused when Trevor returned completely unharmed, unaged just as he was in 1917. How?

Much like the ‘time-travel’ talks in Endgame, WW84 director Patty Jenkins hints that Trevor may have travelled through time. Speaking at Comic Con Experience in Brazil, Jenkins, as per Collider said, "I can't tell you [how he's back], but here's what I will say: We didn't put Steve Trevor in this movie because we just wanted to put Steve Trevor in this movie."

"When we thought of the story for this film while we were making the first film, a eureka moment came and it couldn't have been told without Chris Pine playing Steve Trevor," said Jenkins.

"So I promise you it's not a gimmick, it's integral to the story, it was incredibly important that we had him and we just super enjoyed it. So it was great having Chris back but it's also important to the story that I can't wait for you to see."

While Jenkins is doing everything in her power to not drop the breadcrumbs, the trailer of 1984 might have done some of the talking and it has to do with Pedro Pascal’s Max Lord. The most cryptic evidence about his power comes when he says , "Now, I take what I want in return," after Trevor and Diana Prince/Wonder Woman reunites suggesting that he might have brought Trevor back for his own evil scheme while clutching his powerful, Chaos Shard. 

Another possible theory is that Steve isn’t Steve but a clone by Krsiten Wigg’s Barbara Ann Minerva. Because the modern incarnations of Cheetah, Barbara Ann Minerva and Sebastian Ballesteros, were both granted supernatural abilities by Urzkartaga. Both villains were transformed into half-human, half-cheetah hybrids and were granted increased strength, speed, durability and senses, as well as razor-sharp claws capable of cutting even Wonder Woman's flesh.

Until June 2020, we’’ll have to manage with speculations and theories as to how Steve Trevor was revived.

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First Published : 11 Dec 2019, 05:05:01 PM