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Game of Thrones Season Finale: Someone just potentially cracked ending and it will blow your mind

A Crazy Fan Of The Fantasy Drama May Have Either Cracked Or Leaked The Ending Of The Entire Series

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shriparna Saha | Updated on: 10 May 2019, 08:49:04 AM
Someone just potentially cracked the GoT ending and it will blow your mind

New Delhi:

The drama at the King's Landing intensified the last episode after Varys decided to rebel against her Queen, Danerys and Misaindei was beheaded by the Mountain on Cersei nod. The last two episodes will unfold the true course of actions and like the third episode it will not be just a war sequence but will also involve a lot of drama at the Red Keep and Dragonstone.

However, one astute internet citizen and a crazy fan of the fantasy drama may have either cracked or leaked the ending of the entire series, but whether intentionally or not remains unclear.

A Reddit user commenting on a thread of GoT theories shared a lengthy and detailed summary of how the rest of the HBO series would play out. Unfortunately, the thread was soon deleted by the moderator,  citing reasons that the "theory" sounded so accurate that that seems like it is from a potential leak. "This has been removed due to multiple reports that it is likely from a leak. If you wish to have your post reinstated, please message the moderators." said the thread after the post was deleted.

So, what did the theory involve? Inverse managed to catch the post before it was taken down and documented the general details.

According to Inverse, the theory /leak re-instated that Arya, the Hound and Jaime Lannister who left Winterfell all by their own for their individual hidden motive and not to be a part of the 'final war' will infiltrate King's Landing through the sewer system and Jaime will be captured and imprisoned in the Red Keep.

Meanwhile, Daenerys grows suspicious of Varys plans against her and finding them as potential conspirators will put both him and Tyrion on trial. The trial ends in Varys being burned alive by her dragon, but Tyrion is allowed to live.

In the battle of King's Landing, Yara Greyjoy's fleet comes to Daenerys rescue and her allies and, together, they're able to avenge her uncle Euron and kill him. Euron's death prompts the Golden Company to abandon Cersei. A panic struck Cersei escapes to her chambers bringing a freed Jaime and the Mountain with her taking them as potential protectors of her.

Qyburn attempts to kill his encroaching enemies (Jon, Grey Worm, Davos) with wildfire. Back in the queen's chambers, it appears that Jaime stabs Cersei in the stomach to kill her as if fulfilling a prophecy made during her Cersei's childhood. Alas! Jamie pulls off his face to reveal it was Arya all the time. The Hound bursts in to fight the Mountain as he tried to kill Arya and thus fulfilling Cleganebowl.

Fulfilling the 'Mad Queen' theory, Daenerys burns the Red Keep and kills thousands. Supposedly, she then turns on Sansa, Bran and Samwell Tarly, accusing them of treason.

This motivates Jon to reveal his true identity as Aegon Targaryen, the rightful heir to the throne. He must kill Daenerys and Drogon himself in order to protect his family leaving Sansa, Gendry. Tyrion as the living contenders to the throne

He then returns to the North but, in a sad twist, the show ends with him stumbling upon dismembered Wildling bodies arranged in the White Walkers' signature spiral, indicating they're still out there.

The fan theory or a legitimate spoiler, we are not sure of, but definitely, a relatable ending that the creators can offer considering their record on the twists and turns in the preceding episodes. We only have to wait for two episodes to find out what the truth is.

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First Published : 10 May 2019, 08:48:30 AM