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Bigg Boss 12 Day 16 Highlights: Is this the end of Anup-Jasleen jodi? Live

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Avina Vidyadharan | Updated on: 03 Oct 2018, 12:11:08 AM
Bigg Boss 12 Day 16 Live Updates: Is this the end of Anup-Jasleen jodi?

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 12 is pacing with a furor of excitement for the audiences. The on-going task in the house seems to create differences between the housemates. The most popular jodi of the house, Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu, who have been entertaining the audiences consistently from day 1, are finding their relationship between the devil and the deep blue sea. In the last episode of the controversial show, their love was tested when Jasleen has to choose between her hair and the couple’s nomination for eviction.

Adding to all the drama, the latest teaser shows Anup making it very clear in front of all the housemates that he is deeply hurt by Jasleen’s decision and he will continue his remaining journey in the house alone. Jasleen tries to explain to him and tried coming clean about their relationship but Anup Jalota seems fixated on his decision and decides to walk away. This might be the end of the love story. 

Here are the live updates of the Bigg Boss 12 Day 16:

# Housemates try to calm Srishty.

# Srishty gets angry and upset on Shivashish. She wants to go home.

# Romil tries to solve the argument between Jasleen and Anup.

# Jasleen tries to convince Anup.

# Jasleen and Anup try to have a mature conversation. Anup exclaims that his decision his final and won't change under any influence.

# Saba and Surbhi get into a heated argument.

# Shivashish, Karanvir, and Dipika try to calm Jasleen.

# Anup stands on his decision, while Surbhi adds fuel to the fire.

# Jasleen gets emotional.

# Anup confronts in front of every housemate that he is not happy with Jasleen's decision. He exclaims that from now on, he will be contesting alone. 

# Anup is still stuck with the task, says he is emotionally hurt with Jasleen's decision.

# Jasleen apologises to Anup for her decision.

# Nehha and Sourabh talk about Shivashish and Srishty.

# Anup feels that Jasleen prioritised her clothes over him.

# Srishty says that Jasleen should not have had the conversation with Dipika. Jasleen exclaims that Dipika came forward and apologised.

# Day 16: Contestants groove to the song of 'Beedi Jalai le'.

# Deepak, Urvashi, Romil, and Sourabh are having their midnight giggles.

# Nominated contestants of the week: Anup, Jasleen, Srishty, Sreesanth, and Karanvir.

# Sreesanth is nominated for the eviction.

# Somi cuts her hair, and the kidnapper is satisfied.

# Nehha explains to Sreesanth that he can only demand things that belongs to her.

# Somi tries negotiating with Sreesanth. Sreesanth asks to cut her hair only one inch and Appy fizz. 

# Sreesanth demands destruction of every single piece of cloth that belongs to Somi and Saba, along with shaving her head, in order to get her sister Saba released.

# Now its time for Sreesanth to play kidnapper and the victim will be Saba.

# Shivashish tries explaining his side to Sourabh, but instead they end up arguing with each other.

# Celebrity contestants are perplexed why Srishty lost her cool.

# Sourabh tries to calm him down and advices him to apologise.

# Srishty says he is instigating her, Shivashish shouts back at Srishty.

# Srishty gets emotional and says she never intended to destroy the clothes.

# Fight sparks between Shivashish and Srishty.

# Shivashish has to cut all his clothes and hammer all the perfume bottles.

# Shivashish negotiates with the kidnapper.  Now he has to destroy all his clothes, except two brand new pair, along with all his perfume bottles.

# Srishty demands that Shivashish has to destroy all his and Sourabh's clothes, family photos, and has to shave his head.

# It's time for Srishty to become the kidnapper. Srishty has kidnapped Sourabh.

# Surbhi taunts Dipika for her heartless task. Dipika fires back at her.

# Jasleen confronts Dipika about the task, Dipika reveals that her sole purpose was to win the task.

# Karanvir is nominated for the eviction.

# Kidnapper Karanvir is happy and Urvashi is released.

# Deepak is up for the task and completes the challenge.

# Karanvir demands Deepak to sacrifice his hair in order to release Urvashi from the kidnapping.

# Urvashi is under the custody of Karanvir Bohra.

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First Published : 02 Oct 2018, 08:59:22 PM

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