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Bigg Boss 11 highlights: Sabyasachi, Shilpa, Sapna, Hiten, Hina, Pooja, Benafsha, Bandagi, Priyank NOMINATED for elimination

Bigg Boss 11 Rolled Out Another Exciting Episode Where Nine Contestants Were Nominated For Eviction.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Abhishek Ranjit | Updated on: 31 Oct 2017, 02:19:40 AM
Bigg Boss 11 LIVE updates: Luv-Bandagi battle it out for captaincy

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 11 has been making waves from the very first episode all thanks to the controversies and fights between the housemates.

The makers of the show are adding twist after one another in order to keep the viewers entertained. BB11 got its first two wildcard contestants in the form of Dhinchak Pooja and Priyank Sharma.

The Salman Khan hosted show recently saw the elimination of commoner Jyoti Kumari. The last episode saw Salman Khan giving a warning to the contestants to not get personal and avoid taking pot shots at each other caste, personality or religion.

As another dhamakedar episode of BB11 goes on air, we are here to provide the highlights from the Salman Khan's show.


#Hina Khan tells other housemates about Puneesh and how he apologised to her parents

#Bigg Boss says Priyank revealed the nomination process by asking people to vote for Hiten

#Bigg Boss announces that Priyank will be nominated as well because of revealing the things from the outside world despite Bigg Boss warning him not to do so

#Bigg Boss announces Sabyasachi, Shilpa, Sapna, Hiten, Hina, Pooja, Benafsha and Bandagi as the nominated contestants

#Benafsha tells Bandagi that she is playing quiet safe in the game

#Bandagi and Benafsha seem to disagree over whom to nominate, nobody is ready to back down

#Arshi Khan and Dhinchak Pooja enter the room together, Pooja saves Arshi from nomination

#Hina Khan asks Puneesh to promise to never abuse anyone in the house, saves Puneesh

#Hina Khan and Puneesh Sharma enter the confession room, Puneesh begs Hina to save him from nomination

#Sapna decides to save Vikas from nomination and gets herself nominated instead

#Vikas and Sapna enter the confession room, both want to save each other, Sapna tells Vikas she is very stubborn

#Priyank asks the audience to vote for Hiten and save him from elimination

#Hiten and Priyank are called to the confession room, Hiten saves Priyank saying he has just entered the house

#Vikas tells Priyank to not bring housemates' personal issues in the house and also suggest him to apologise 

#Vikas Gupta tells Priyank he should have discussed with him before revealing details from the outside from world

#Shilpa saves Akash from nomination

# Shilpa and Akash are the next housemates to enter the confession room

# Bandagi tells Arshi Vikas is the key to playing the game in the show

#Vikas Gupta is angry that none of the housemates stop Shilpa from saying extremely personal things

# Sabyasachi Satpathy saves Mehjabi and gets himself nominated

#Mehjabi Siddiqui & Sabyasachi Satpathy are the first pair to enter the confession room

#Bigg Boss calls the housemates in the confession room, they will be called in pairs and they have to decide who gets nominated and who becomes safe

# Bigg Boss starts the nomination process with a twist

#Akash sings a song which doesn't go quite well with Pooja

#Akash taunts Luv and says he became the captain without doing any work

#Sapna and Shilpa taunt Arshi in the Kitchen

#Housemates wake up to the song Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

#Puneesh tells Bandagi did quite a good job during the captaincy task

# Both Luv and Bandagi work on strategies to win the task, however its Luv who ends up winning the task

#Hina Khan supports both the contestants in the captaincy task and motivates them to give their best

# Luv and Bandagi try to convince each other why they deserve to win the task, both of them get into a fight

#Sapna is unable to hold the ring and gets eliminated from the captaincy task

#Housemates decide to nominate Sapna to join Bandagi and Luv in the captaincy katsk

#Bigg Boss asks the housemates to nominate one other person from team blue for the captaincy task

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First Published : 30 Oct 2017, 10:29:09 PM