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Ankit Dev Arpan Joins CSM Partners and Associates LLP, Pioneering Legal Services in Bihar

In A Groundbreaking Move To Expand Access To Justice And Legal Services In Bihar, Ankit Dev Arpan, The Distinguished Founder Of The Writers Community And Director Of Biz Pulse, Has Embarked On A New Journey As The Third Partner Of CSM Partners And Associates LLP.

By : Brand Stories | Updated on: 19 Oct 2023, 02:06:38 PM

Ankit-Dev-Arpan (Photo Credit: social media)

New Delhi:

In a groundbreaking move to expand access to justice and legal services in Bihar, Ankit Dev Arpan, the distinguished founder of the Writers Community and Director of Biz Pulse, has embarked on a new journey as the third partner of CSM Partners and Associates LLP. This legal firm, based in Bihar, is renowned for its practice at the Patna High Court and operates the segment 'e-Justice India,' which provides online courses and internships to over 55,000 students worldwide. This strategic partnership aims to extend legal support to underserved communities in remote areas of Bihar, where legal literacy is scarce, and citizens face numerous obstacles in securing their rights.

CSM Partners and Associates LLP, headed by practising advocates at the Patna High Court, Ravi Prakash Mishra and Rishabh Mishra, has welcomed Ankit Dev Arpan with open arms. Mr. Ravi Prakash Mishra expressed his delight in welcoming Mr. Arpan into their fold, emphasising the invaluable experience and expertise he brings to their expansion efforts. Rishabh Mishra, another director of the firm, discussed their plans to offer internship opportunities to local students in Bihar, thereby addressing the financial barriers that often hinder their legal education.

Ankit Dev Arpan, who recently graduated from law school with a specialization in cyber law, will play a pivotal role in the mission to establish over 50 legal camps within a year. These camps will serve as platforms for educating and empowering the local population about their legal rights, thereby increasing legal awareness among the citizens of Bihar. Arpan's vision is to bridge the gap between legal service providers and the people, particularly in regions where legal literacy remains at a low ebb.

Expressing his gratitude towards Ravi Prakash Mishra for his belief in the venture, Ankit Dev Arpan underscored the significance of the initiative. He acknowledged that Bihar still lacks the prominence of legal firms and that many clients fall prey to intermediaries. The novel concept of CSM Partners and Associates LLP will establish a transparent and accountable system for clients and advocates alike, creating a more stable marketplace for legal services.

In addition to their core services, the firm is gearing up to engage in a diverse range of legal activities, including Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Public Interest Litigation (PIL), Right to Information (RTI), and other such initiatives aimed at reforming and advancing the legal landscape in Bihar. The collaborative efforts of Ravi Prakash Mishra and Ankit Dev Arpan signify a significant step forward in bolstering the legal infrastructure of the region.

One of the key areas of focus for CSM Partners and Associates LLP will be their outreach to remote areas in Bihar, where legal literacy and access to justice remain a pressing concern. Ankit Dev Arpan's experience and innovative approach will be pivotal in ensuring that legal services are not only accessible but also comprehensible to the local population. By holding legal camps and raising awareness, the firm aims to empower individuals with knowledge of their rights and avenues for redressal.

Ravi Prakash Mishra, commenting on the new partnership, stated, "Ankit Dev Arpan's addition to our team is a significant step towards our goal of bringing legal services to those who need it most. We believe that our combined efforts will help bridge the gap between clients and legal professionals."

Rishabh Mishra, the other director of the firm, shared, "We understand the financial constraints faced by students in Bihar who aspire to pursue legal careers. Offering internship opportunities to local students is just one of the ways we plan to give back to the community and nurture legal talent in the region."

Ankit Dev Arpan, on his part, emphasized the importance of serving local clients and establishing transparency in the legal process, stating, "In Bihar, the legal landscape is often obscured by intermediaries who may not always have the best interests of their clients in mind. Our new concept aims to cut through these obstacles, creating a more open and equitable legal system that benefits clients and advocates alike. We also plan to work on various aspects of law like ADR, PIL, RTI, and other activities to contribute to the betterment of the legal system in Bihar."

The collaboration between Ankit Dev Arpan and CSM Partners and Associates LLP is poised to reshape the legal landscape of Bihar by enhancing access to justice, promoting legal literacy, and bringing transparency to legal services. Their commitment to the cause and innovative approach is a significant step forward in creating a more equitable and accessible legal system in the state. As the legal camps roll out and internship opportunities are provided to local students, the collective vision of these partners is set to create a lasting impact on the legal ecosystem in Bihar and beyond.

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First Published : 19 Oct 2023, 02:06:38 PM