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Around 95 Percent Believe Sunny Nehra is Indias Top Ethical Hacker Reveals Survey

Around 95 Percent Believe Sunny Nehra Is Indias Top Ethical Hacker Reveals Survey

By : Brand Stories | Updated on: 17 Oct 2023, 07:16:51 PM
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Sunny Nehra (Photo Credit: social media)

New Delhi:

The survey poll was voted by more than 10,000 twitter users. Let's take a dive into why the majority regards Sunny Nehra as the top ethical hacker in India.A recent survey conducted by The Analyzer on Twitter has revealed that an overwhelming 95% of respondents believe that Sunny Nehra is India's top ethical hacker. The survey poll was voted by more than 10,000 twitter users. This recognition comes as no surprise, Nehra has made a significant impact on the field of cybersecurity. From an early age, he demonstrated remarkable skills and a deep fascination with coding, which eventually led to his exceptional achievements as an ethical hacker.

Let's take a dive into why the majority regards Sunny as India's top ethical hacker.

Top level Certifications: Sunny has achieved numerous high-level IT certifications and has a remarkable level of knowledge and qualifications in Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Networking, and various other IT fields. When it comes to solving extraordinarily intricate cyber cases and offering cyber advisory, Sunny Nehra is the top choice for numerous law enforcement agencies. He serves as a digital forensic analyst in several prominent cases managed by specialized police units and prominent law enforcement entities. His startup, Secure Your Hacks, is renowned for delivering exceptional services to investigators at the highest level.

Top level hacking skills: Most ethical hackers primarily focus on identifying conventional bugs or vulnerabilities in websites that offer bug reward programs. These bugs are usually sufficient to receive some cash or bounties. They often rely on common scripts, payloads, and widely known techniques that are popular in the InfoSec community. It is rare for these hackers to explore unconventional methods or engage in extensive testing. However, Sunny Nehra, in addition to being a Web App Penetration Tester and Bug Hunter with a track record of discovering vulnerabilities in major IT companies, leading banks, payment systems, and government websites, possesses a keen interest in testing intricate core infrastructures. Many individuals in the tech field follow Sunny to stay updated on the latest significant hacks related to infrastructures occurring in cyberspace.

Deep understanding of the topics: Nehra's deep understanding of the topics is indeed one of the main factors that make him highly admired among IT enthusiasts and position him as a top ethical hacker. His ability to demonstrate a clear comprehension of subject matter and provide insightful explanations behind his ideas sets him apart. This proficiency allows him to effectively communicate complex concepts to his audience, inspiring them to engage with his content, such as videos and blogs. Nehra's knack for delivering information with clarity and expertise contributes to his reputation as a trusted source in the IT community.

Debating and answering skills: Sunny is well known for taking training sessions related to CyberSecurity, CyberSafety, Cyber Laws, Digital Forensics, etc and even more for his Questions and Answer sessions where he answers all sort of queries or doubts very efficiently. Nehra also has been very active on many forums since long. One can see him answering IT related questions on Quora to boost knowledge of readers. One would not find him anywhere on any social media platform or any forum losing any technical debate to someone. His debating strength can be acknowledged from the fact that he proved French Hacker Robert Baptiste wrong multiple times. Robert deleted his tweet on Aarogya Setu as well as on Digilocker after his claims were exposed by Nehra.

Exceptional achievements: IAS Sanjeev Gupta, the former President & CEO of Digital India, mentioned the noteworthy accomplishments of Sunny Nehra. Sunny Nehra was the first to report the sale of drugs on the compromised website of UP Vidhan Sabha, marking a significant discovery. He was one of the initial individuals to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Pegasus Spyware, including its various versions that have developed over time. Additionally, he was among first ones to raise awareness about the vulnerability of iMessage in Apple products, which had become a primary method for deploying the Pegasus spyware in 2020-2021. In August 2021, Anshul Saxena and Sunny uncovered that Pakistani hackers had successfully breached some Indian news channels with plans to live stream content on Pakistan's upcoming Independence Day (the 14th of August). Sunny Nehra is widely recognized for his outstanding contributions in the fields of cybersecurity, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), and digital forensics.

Without a doubt, Sunny Nehra is the top Ethical Hacker or top Cyber Security Expert in India due to his exceptional ersatility across various IT domains and his remarkable achievements. His extensive theoretical and hands-on expertise in a wide range of IT areas and unparalleled proficiency in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security contribute to his top-tier status.

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First Published : 17 Oct 2023, 01:57:08 PM

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