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International Yoga Day 2019: 7 most important yoga poses and their benefits you must know

As India's Permanent Mission To The UN Kick-started Its Celebrations For The 5th International Day Of Yoga, Here We Bring You Some Different Types Of Yoga Styles And Their Benefits In Everyday Life.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Nabanita Chakorborty | Updated on: 20 Jun 2019, 09:44:39 PM
Worlds shortest woman Jyoti Amge (25) and Yoga exponent Dhanshri Lekurwale practice ahead of the 5th International Day of Yoga 2019 (Photo Source: PTI)

New Delhi:

With International Yoga Day 2019 less than 24 hours away, people from across the globe gear up to celebrate the day with much grandeur and zeal. Since 2015, the International Yoga Day is celebrated annually on June 21. Like every year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to lead the main Yoga Day event from the Prabhat Tara ground in Ranchi, Jharkhand tomorrow. It was first introduced by the United Nations to raise global awareness about the benefits of the ancient Indian practice. The theme for this year's celebration is - Yoga for Heart.

As India's Permanent Mission to the UN kick-started its celebrations for the 5th International Day of Yoga, here we bring you some different types of yoga styles and their benefits in everyday life.

Setu Bandhasana: Setu Bandhasana, also knwon as Shoulder supported bridge or simply Bridge, is an inverted back-bending asana in hatha yoga. This pose helps keep your blood pressure under control, contributes to relaxing the mind, improves digestion, relieves the symptoms of menopause in women reduces respiratory problems.

Surya Namaskar: Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation, which is one of the most popular and significant yoga exercises, is known to heal most of the body problems. Some of the major health benefits include - Helps lose weight, Glowing skin, Better digestive system, Ensures regular menstrual cycle, Brings down blood sugar level, Improves anxiety, Helps your body detox and Battles insomnia among others.

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Nadishodhan Pranayam: Nadishodhan Pranayam, popularly called as Anuloma - Viloma Pranayam, is a hatha yoga practice that purifies the nadis (energy channels in the subtle body) through alternate-nostril breathing.

Dhyana: Dhyana mudra which is a hand gesture used during meditation cools the mind and helps to get the stage of pressure and tensions.

Shalabhasana: The locust posture is beneficial in all the disorders at the lower end of the spine. This type of yoga is useful for for removing unwanted fats around abdomen, strengthens waist, hips back muscles and thighs. Daily practice of this Asana can prevent cervical spondylitis and spinal cord ailments.

Bhujangasana: The Cobra pose is considered to be one of the best yogas to get a flat stomach, reducing unwanted belly fat. Besides, it stretches muscles in the shoulders, chest and abdominals, strengthens the arms and shoulders, improves menstrual irregularities, firms and tones the buttocks, invigorates the heart, stimulates organs in the abdomen, relieves stress and fatigue, improves circulation of blood and oxygen, ensures better digestion, soothes sciatica and helps to ease symptoms of asthma.

Shashankasana: Also known as Hare Posture, this form of Yoga indicates calmness and is one of the best poses to control anger, tension, anxiety and stress.

Some other forms of useful Yoga Asanas include Pawan Muktasana (The Wind Releasing Posture), Vajrasana (The Thunderbolt Posture), Vakrasana (The Spinal Twist Posture), Bhadrasana (The Auspicious Pose) and Ustrasana (The Camel Posture) among others.

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First Published : 20 Jun 2019, 09:44:39 PM