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Indian jawans beheaded by Pak army: Time to shed conventional war doctrine and adopt ethos of 'Fight Guerrilla like a Guerrilla'

The Barbaric Attack Carried Out By The Border Action Team Of The Pakistan Army Along The LoC In Poonch Sector, J-K On Monday Which Resulted In Mutilation Of The Bodies Of Two Indian Defence Forces Soldiers Has Sparked Outrage In The Ranks And File Of Our Forces

By : Gautam Lalotra | Updated on: 02 May 2017, 05:41:42 PM
Indian Army - File Photo

New Delhi:

The very word 'Defence Forces' gives a well-thought understanding about the role of an army or paramilitary force in defending and securing the frontiers of the country. As the famous cliche goes no soldier likes a war-like situation and envisaged a peace-like environment for his nation but if a scenario on ground demands so he could be forced into becoming an 'aggressor'. 

The barbaric attack carried out by the Border Action team (BAT) of the Pakistan Army along the Line of Control in Poonch sector, J-K on Monday which resulted in mutilation of the bodies of two Indian defence forces soldiers has sparked outrage in the ranks and file of our forces and the citizens of the nation in general.

There is a widespread demand for extracting revenge from Pakistan for this gruesome attack. Good for a change to see the nation speak in one voice amid divergent political ideologies, condemning the cowardly act of Pakistan. For someone who has been a keen observer of the ongoing military confrontation between India and Pakistan which accelerated after the daemonic terror attack on an Army Camp in Uri last September, it comes as no surprise that Pakistan continues with this shameful act of cowardice which can be termed in the politest manner as un-soldierly like.

So the big question arises, are we engaged in combat with a regular army or a dummy force which hires Mujahideens and paid ISI agents to carry out its discrete and callous 'mutilation operations' along the Line of Control.

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The dynamics of the military warfare on ground are rapidly changing with counter-insurgency taking centre-stage. A regular Indian Army infantry soldier is trained in a conventional manner to engage with the enemy in case of confrontation but certainly lacks expertise in dealing with unconventional war tactics. 

The very core of our army's training modus-operandi 'Ek Goli Ek Dushman' needs to be revamped to hit the enemy hard. Our forces need to take a leaf out of the war doctrine the US or Israel followed to engage in counter insurgency. The US learnt a bitter lesson fighting the local militia in Vietnam, the Soviet troops were ruffed up by the Talibans in Afghanistan but both of them were equal to the task in raising Special Forces.

More battalions of special forces on the lines of Navy SEALS and Delta Forces need to be raised to deal and engage with the non military like outfits which use camouflage and deceptive tactics. A leaner and meaner army rather than a voluminous one is the need of the hour.

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The government needs to be more liberal in equipping our brave Jawans with better body protection and specialised weapons to face the enemy onslaught. We must not underestimate the weaponry of terrorist outfits which are funded heavily courtesy arms and money laundering from across the globe. 

With the enemy adopting to unconventional tactics like the one done by the Borders Action team along the Line of Control, the Indian Army needs to respond with a similar strategy. The ethos of 'Fight the Guerrilla like a Guerrilla' should be imbibed and adopted as a war craft.

Local commanders on ground and formation commanders at the strategic levels should be given a greater degree of freedom to execute their operations. The Army and Para military forces should work in greater synchronisation to execute operations with greater efficiency rather than grabbing laurels from each other for petty honours. 

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Under PM Modi Govt's strong political will, the Indian army executed surgical strikes with great precision to bust terror camps along the Line of Control, thereby sending out a strong message to the Pakistan establishment that if you mess with us, we will make you pay heavily.

Specialised operations of similar nature should be frequently carried out to nail the terrorist in their hide-outs. The media should play a constructive role in covering the specifics of the operation rather than becoming a war-room of its own.

The military will never back an eyelid to safe the sovereign and territorial integrity but the government needs to back them with strong defence cum foreign policy.

Political and Diplomatic Strategy towards Pakistan

There should be a clear cut diplomatic agenda to cut-off Pakistan from all angles and send them into oblivion. A multi-pronged strategy entailing clipping their economic powers by imposing trade sanctions, isolating them from the world community through well measured diplomatic tactics, severing ties cultural and sporting ties shall surely dampen the spirits of Pakistan which already is internally crippled by the ongoing in Baluchistan rebellion and the ever persistent turmoil in war torn North-West Frontier Province. 

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The Indus-Water treaty is a big strategic weapon in the hands of the political establishment which they can use in their favour to devoid Pakistan of water resources. A big no to  'back channel diplomacy' is critical element of the foreign policy at this juncture. It is imperative that the political establishment backs their words with the deeds. 

It is high time we re-look into our military approach towards Pakistan and counter the grave situation which confronts our armed forces. 

The soldier of the nation looks with great hope to its political leadership to support them from every corner and turn them into an effective fighting force. I guess the Govt understands the gravity of the situation and would come all guns blazing in uplifting the Morale and Motivation of our valiant Jawans. There needs to be a sense of realisation that each life of our soldier is precious, there are not mere lame ducks deployed at the LoC to be shot at will by the enemy. 

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First Published : 02 May 2017, 03:40:00 PM