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NN Exclusive: Musharraf says Modi good for India but aggressive towards Pakistan

In An Exclusive Interview To News Nation, Musharraf Said, “Under Modi's Leadership India Is Progressing And Being Acknowledged Internationally .

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Deepak Mahato | Updated on: 20 Jan 2018, 06:08:55 PM

New Delhi:

Former Pakistan President and Army Chief Gen Parvez Musharraf has said that PM Narendra Modi is good for India but bad for Pakistan.  In an exclusive interview to News Nation, Musharraf said,"Modi is doing fabulous job for India. He is doing very well." He also added that Modi is not good for Pakistan. "As far as Pakistan is considered, he is an aggresive person and war mongreror."

The general defended Kargil war that the two countries fought when he was Pakistan army chief. “Kargil was an apt reply to India”, said Musharraf. It would not have been called off had the US not intervened and "I as a General did the right thing.”

He also supoorted the mastermind of 2008 Mumbai terror attack Hafiz Saeed saying that he is not a terrorist.

Hafiz Saeed “Sahab” and organisations like Lashkar may be terrorists for the United States and India, but certainly not for Pakistan.

He also said that the people who are waging war against the establishment in Kashmir are "Mujahideen and not terrorist".

Reacting to the US president Donald Trump’s tweet on aid to Pakistan he said that the USD 33 Billion US aid to Pakistan is a misnomer. "During my regime USD 10 billion were given by the US to Pakistan as aid, of which $ 5 billion were for reimbursement of services rendered by Pakistan during US war against terror."

On Pakistan’s bonhomie with China, he said "Our country came closer to China after US sanctions post 1965 war, and we were forced to buy tanks and other war hardwares from China". China also helped us when US slapped sanction after the Pressler amendment.

"China is Pakistan’s friend in need, the way your relations are with US,"  he said adding " I personally shared a close relationship with the US Presidents, which no Indian leader ever had."

On Kashmir issue, he said, "I tried hard to solve the Kashmir imbroglio once and for all times when I met former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Agra”.

General Musharraf said, “Dictatorial regimes in Pakistan have brought considerable progress, but democracy is important for our country and wished to return to Pakistan as soon as he got an opportunity".

Here are the Excerpts of the interview

# Pakistan in my blood. I cannot be away from Pakistan.Current situation is not good in Pakistan. I am trying to bring political change.

# I don't need anyone's support. I view only for the betterment of Pakistan. Imran Khan only is an indivisual. I am not selfish for power. I want Pakistan to prosper.

# There is difference of opinion on Hafiz Saeed between India and Pakistan. Hafiz Saeed is not a terrorist. The world does not accept Hafiz Saeed as terrorist.

# India terms Mujahideen activity as terrorist. We call it Mujahideen. During my term he had given us $10 billion. $5 Billion was given us for our services during their war against terrorism. We had spent $3 trillion dollar in Afghanistan fighting Russia. US is giving us our money.

# India, US have strategic plans against China. Coincidentally China is our friend. Pakistan and US fought together against Russia in Afghanistan.

# I had best of relations with US President during my term.

# Pakistan will profit from One Belt One Road. We will make it.

# During Kargil war I was standing across the border. Nawaz Sharif is no one to tell me how brave I am.

# I am very humble man. I come from middle class background. I was not born with a silver spoon. I want to give happiness to common man.

# Kargil was a result of series of offensive actions being taken by India against Pakistan. We got a chance and we striked.

# Husain Haqqani is a traitor and RAW agent.

# There are ups and downs in countries. America has interest on you. They need India to fight against China. Conditions in Pakistan is not good now. The government is not able to handle diplomacy. But, it will surely improve.

# Pakistan's condition will change soon.

# PM Modi is doing good for India but not for Pakistan. Whenever we will get an opportunity we will give him an answer.

# India and Israel relationship can damage Pakistan.

Pakistan has performed well during dictatorship.

# We are small country compared to Pakistan. We have the world's 5th biggest army. We have better missile technology. If both countries go on war, there will be immense damage. We should initiate peace.

# We zealously guard our honour during the peace talks.

# It is not easy to enter Pakistan an hit us. We will ensure no one returns.

# Modi is doing good for India and doing good. Pakistan sees Modi as aggressive and war monger-er.

#  India needs to respect Pakistan as a nation,only then can the neighbours hold talks.

# I don't mind holding talks with PM Modi if I have the political authority to do so.

# Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh were respectable Prime Ministers. They were sincere and flexible. They had intentions to solve issues between India and Pakistan. It is not the same now.

# We will talk with honour and dignity and preserve our sovereign and equality.

# I strongly intend to hold talks with Indian PM provided my honour and integrity isn't touched upon.

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First Published : 19 Jan 2018, 06:16:57 PM