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News Nation Khoj Khabar: Watch Big Debate On Delhi Election Results 2020 With Deepak Chaurasia

According To Election Commission (EC) Figures, The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Bagged 53.6 Per Cent Votes In The Delhi Assembly Polls, The Results Of Which Were Declared On Tuesday.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Raghwendra Shukla | Updated on: 12 Feb 2020, 08:28:40 PM
Khoj Khabar with Deepak Chaurasia

News Nation's prime time show Khoj Khabar with Deepak Chaurasia. (Photo Credit: News Nation Graphics)

New Delhi:

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) held on to the nearly 54 per cent votes it had got in the 2015 Delhi Assembly polls, while the BJP bagged its second best of 38.5 per cent votes in Assembly elections in Delhi and the Congress registered its worst-ever performance with its vote share slipping to four per cent. According to Election Commission (EC) figures, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) bagged 53.6 per cent votes in the Delhi Assembly polls, the results of which were declared on Tuesday. It had bagged 54.34 per cent votes in 2015. On the other hand, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) marginally improved its tally of seats from three to seven. The saffron party bagged 38.5 per cent votes in the national capital, six per cent more than the last time.

Khoj Khabar Show Live Updates:

#09:43 PM: The protests have been going on since last two months, but these protesters have not yet given a charter of demands to the government: Awadhesh Kumar

#09:41 PM: The controversial poster that emerged at Shaheen Bagh proves that there are people who have vested political interests, says Awadhesh Kumar.

#09:41 PM: What does 'current' poster by Shaheen Bagh protesters mean? Asks Deepak Chaurasia.

#09:39 PM: Will Delhi's problems be solved by making bus rides and electricity free? Asks senior journalist Awadhesh Kumar

#09:38 PM: It is BJP's loss, but those who made him a 'hero' should be asked what they think of his model of development and politics, says Awadhesh Kumar

#09:36 PM: Congress should learn from AAP how not to give an opportunity to the BJP: Awadhesh Kumar

#09:36 PM: Arvind Kejriwal in the last six months was more controlled and composed than ever before: Senior journalist Awadhesh Kumar

#09:34 PM: Not Kejriwal model of economics, but Kejriwal model of politics should be discussed: Senior journalist Awadhesh Kumar

#09:30 PM: Sheila Dikshit governed for 3 terms. What she did was real development. You're just doling out freebies, says Ghanendra Bhardwaj

#09:28 PM: AAP won because of the 'bribes' they distributed to the people for the 5-years, says AAP.

#09:22 PM: Sharjeel Imam made remarks against India and he has been arrested. Why are we discussing him? Today, we must talk about Kejriwal model of development, says Ghanendra Bhardwaj.

#09:21 PM: If a BJP leader says that the Delhi elections are between India and Pakistan, what would Congress do? Congress.

#09:20 PM: The entire minority community voted en bloc for AAP, says Congress.

#09:18 PM: Shaheen Bagh had become a catalyst of polarisation for the BJP. It backfired and it harmed Congress: Congress leader Mukesh nayak.

#09:17 PM: Amanatullah Khan has been supporting the women since the beginning. He is an epitome of 'Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb', says AAP.

#09:16 PM: AAP candidate Amanatullah Khan has won from Okhla. Is it not his responsibility to meet and talk to the protesters at Shaheen Bagh, which is in his constituency? Asks BJP

#09:15 PM: If Arvind Kejriwal can go to Hanuman mandir what is stopping him from visiting Shaheen Bagh? Asks BJP.

#09:15 PM: Is it not the responsible of the Delhi Chief Minister to have a dialogue with the citizens sitting at protest? Asks Shanawaj Hussain

#09:14 PM: Delhi Police is under the Home Ministry. The Home Minister and Prime Minister should meet and listen to their grievances: Ghanendra Bhardwaj

#09:12 PM: AAP should remember that mere winning elections is everything. They have to fulfill the promises they made to people: Shanawaj Hussain

#09:10 PM: We are the largest political party but one must understand that it is not possible to form governments in all the states, says Shanawaj Hussain

#09:09 PM: If BJP had genuine issues, perhaps the result would have been different. BJP never revealed who their CM candidate was, says AAP spokesperson Ghanendra Bhardwaj.

#09:06 PM: If BJP had genuine issues, perhaps the result would have bee different. BJP never revealed who their CM candidate was, says AAP spokesperson.

#09:05 PM: Today, 2 crore people of Delhi have accepted the Kejriwal model of development: Ghanendra Bhardwaj, AAP spokesperson.

#09:03PM: Elections are now over, Shaheen Bagh protest will now end: Shanawaj Hussain

#09:03PM: Arvind Kejriwal should visit Shaheen Bagh and inform the women sitting on dharna that the CAA doesn't threaten their citizenship: Shanawaj Hussain

#09:03PM: We continue to stick to the issues that we highlighted in the elections. But we respect the people's mandate, says Shanawaj Hussain.

#09:02PM: We will play a constructive role as an opposition, says Shanawaj Hussain, National spokesperson of BJP.

#09:01 PM: Shanawaj Hussain ( National spokesperson of BJP), Mukesh Nayak (National Spokesperson of Congress), Islamic Scholars - Hajik Khan, Rameez khan, Sajid Mojib, Awadhesh Kumar (Senior Journalist), and HS Rawat (Hindu Dharamguru).

#09:01 PM: Are Delhi Election Results 2020 a coincidence or experiment? Asks Deepak Chaurasia on Khoj Khabar.

#09:00 PM: What worked for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi elections? Watch big debate with Deepak Chaurasia on News Nation.

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First Published : 11 Feb 2020, 08:49:23 PM