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On a lighter note, evade Delhi water scarcity with these simple tips!

In Times Of Great Crisis, Let Us Take A Look At How To Avoid The Adversities On A Lighter Note.

By : Devika Chhibber | Updated on: 23 Feb 2016, 11:02:08 AM

New Delhi :

Is Delhi water crisis too bad, may be it is, but for those who can spend hundreds on pint of bears and move in luxury cars, display their fashion statements and pay hefty restaurant bills- we know it is not!

We all know that media has a way of hyping things; the crisis is real for sure but what if we do not get water for next two weeks as claimed. What will we do, how will we bath or cook our favourite meals. If you are concerned about staying fresh, we are sure you would not have taken a bath for maximum days in winters and depended upon ‘Victoria’s Secret’ fragrances.

In times of great crisis, let us take a look at how to avoid the adversities on a lighter note.

1. Don't want to bath- use wipes, they will give you the perfect feel and fill your mind with light fragrance.

2. Don't want to cook- check out the latest deals near you for the entire week. May ‘Food lovers’ websites will definitely be of some assistance.

3. Don't want to wash clothes- It is shopping time! Fresh stocks are available in stores, just for you.

4. Thirsty and feel like drinking water- Go, grab the fresh fruit juices available in the shop next corner.

5. Washing utensils can be big time job- Buy those paper plates, one takes out of drawer at every party.

I understand, the above mentioned ideas can shoot up your budget for a week or two but who said water is not expensive. In fact, experts believe that water will trigger World War 3, oh I am scared....

As I write this, news channels bandwagons Delhi crisis into a huge setback for the state and blah blah…. are we interested, anyways?

(The article is a funny take on Delhi water scarcity and means no harm to anybody.)

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First Published : 23 Feb 2016, 10:52:00 AM