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Pravin Kumar Bishnoi: A Social Worker and Visionary in Rural Rajasthan

In The Heart Of Rajasthan, Where Rural Life Weaves The Tapestry Of Daily Existence, One Man Stands Out As A Beacon Of Hope For His Community. Pravin Kumar Bishnoi, A Zilla Parishad Member Representing Ward No. 6 In Jalore, Has Been A Prominent Figure In The Political Landscape.

By : Brand Stories | Updated on: 01 Nov 2023, 06:53:11 PM

Pravin-Kumar-Bishnoi (Photo Credit: social media)

New Delhi:

In the heart of Rajasthan, where rural life weaves the tapestry of daily existence, one man stands out as a beacon of hope for his community. Pravin Kumar Bishnoi, a Zilla Parishad Member representing Ward No. 6 in Jalore, has been a prominent figure in the political landscape, earning recognition as a dedicated social worker. His contributions and initiatives have left an indelible mark on the lives of the people in Sanchore and its surrounding areas.

Empowering the Next Generation:

One of Pravin Kumar Bishnoi's notable initiatives was to provide support to school students in the region. In collaboration with former Deputy Vigilance Minister Ratan Dewasi, he launched a program that involved providing essential educational materials to needy students. The program, held at the Government Girls Higher Primary School in Dhani, aimed to ensure that over 1000 children in rural areas had access to educational essentials like clothing, shoes, bags, and tuition.

Amplifying the Voice of the Farmers:

Another instance of Pravin Kumar Bishnoi's dedication to his constituents was evident during the "Powercut Farmers Protest." Farmers from Sarnau, Rajeevnagar, and Pur village protested at the Sarnau power substation against indiscriminate power cuts and a lack of electricity. The protest, led by Chief Representative Omprakash Dhaka and Zilla Parishad member Pravin Kumar Sahu, highlighted the grievances of the farming community. 

 After approximately four hours of protest, a written agreement was reached between the electricity company administration and the farmers. This agreement ensured domestic connections received 24 hours of electricity, while farmers were promised 6 hours of electricity with full compensation for any deductions. The strike ended, thanks to the concerted efforts of the protestors, emphasizing Pravin Kumar Bishnoi's commitment to advocating for the rights of the rural population.

A Health Fair for All:

Praveen Kumar Bishnoi's vision extends to the well-being of the community. He was instrumental in the organization of an "Amrit Mahotsav of Independence Health Fair" in Sarnau, supported by the state government. The primary objective of this event was to provide healthcare services to the common people, particularly those who could not afford expensive medical treatment.

The health fair offered a broad spectrum of services, including corona vaccinations, leprosy testing, malaria testing, child health services, maternal health services, and general medical checkups. The fair was inaugurated by Chief Representative of Panchayat Samiti Om Prakash Dhaka, Sarnau Gram Panchayat Representative Budharam Godara, and District Council Member Pravin Kumar Vishnoi.

A noteworthy aspect of the health fair was the commitment of the Rajasthan government to provide free health services and health insurance up to Rs. 10 lakh through the Chiranjeevi health insurance scheme. Pravin Kumar Bishnoi, along with other officials, actively disseminated information about the fair and the health services available, ensuring that even the most marginalized members of the community were informed about the healthcare resources at their disposal.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pravin Kumar Bishnoi stepped up by bringing testing machines worth lakhs of rupees to the government hospital. This critical support played a pivotal role in enhancing the healthcare infrastructure during a crisis.

A Generous Contribution:

In a gesture that underlines his dedication to the betterment of society, Pravin Kumar Bishnoi donated Rs. 5 lakh to the Samarathal Foundation. The event took place in Jodhpur, where he handed over the check to the foundation. His philanthropic efforts did not go unnoticed, as he was recognized as the "Platinum Bhamashah" by the Samarathal Foundation for his contributions in the field of education.

Samarathal Foundation has been setting new standards in education, offering free facilities to students in various fields, including medical and engineering. They have already selected six talents to enroll in prestigious institutions such as I.I.T. and N.I.T. The foundation's focus on assisting needy students from the Bishnoi community in the education sector aligns with Praveen Kumar Bishnoi's commitment to inclusive development.

Educational Empowerment:

Beyond the initiatives already mentioned, Pravin Kumar Bishnoi has set up classrooms in schools in Sarnau, Pathmeda, and Data Gram Panchayat, ensuring that students in these areas have access to quality education facilities.

Pravin Kumar Bishnoi's commitment to education extends further as he provided 1000 study materials, dresses, bags, shoes, and more to government schools. His actions exemplify his dedication to ensuring that children in the region have the tools they need to succeed. In an extraordinary act of kindness, Pravin Kumar Bishnoi has taken care of the complete education expenses of 500 poor children. This profound commitment to the future of these children is a testament to his genuine care for the less fortunate.

In conclusion, Pravin Kumar Bishnoi's work as a Zilla Parishad Member in Jalore has been characterized by his unwavering dedication to the welfare of his community. His initiatives for students, farmers, and public health underscore his commitment to uplifting the lives of the rural population in Rajasthan. Through his philanthropic efforts and social work, Pravin Kumar Bishnoi is a shining example of a politician who understands the true essence of public service and leaves an indelible mark on his constituents.

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First Published : 01 Nov 2023, 06:53:11 PM