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Ramadan Timetable 2019: Iftar and Sehri Timings in Hyderabad reference

The Festival Celebrates The First Revelation Of The Quran To Muhammad Across The Globe.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Nabanita Chakorborty | Updated on: 09 May 2019, 09:20:58 PM
Ramzan 2019 Timetable (Representational Image)

Ramzan 2019 Timetable (Representational Image)

New Delhi:

The Islamic holy month of Ramzan or Ramadan has started from Tuesday, i.e. May 7, 2019. Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims abstain from food and water from sunrise to sunset. The fast or roza starts after the moon is seen in New Delhi and Lucknow. The moon was not sighted Sunday night and, therefore, fasting has started on Tuesday, according to a spokesperson of Delhi's Jama Masjid. The festival celebrates the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad across the globe. The fasting month, which lasts for 30 days based on the visual sightings of the crescent moon, will be culminated with the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr in the first week of June.

However, the Sehri and Iftar timings are different in different states across India based on the sunrise and sunset that change everyday. Let's have a quick look at the Sehri and Iftar timings of Hyderabad based on Islamic Month and Gregorian Calendar.

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Ramzan 2019 Timetable: Iftar & Sehri Timings in Hyderabad, India:

Ramadan Calendar 2019- Hyderabad, India


1 Mon 06 May 04:30 AM 6:39 PM
2 Tue 07 May 04:29 AM 6:39 PM
3 Wed 08 May 04:29 AM 6:39 PM
4 Thu 09 May 04:28 AM 6:40 PM
5 Fri 10 May 04:28 AM 6:40 PM
6 Sat 11 May 04:27 AM 6:40 PM
7 Sun 12 May 04:27 AM 6:41 PM
8 Mon 13 May 04:26 AM 6:41 PM
9 Tue 14 May 04:25 AM 6:41 PM
10 Wed 15 May 04:25 AM 6:42 PM
11 Thu 16 May 04:24 AM 6:42 PM
12 Fri 17 May 04:24 AM 6:42 PM
13 Sat 18 May 04:24 AM 6:43 PM
14 Sun 19 May 04:23 AM 6:43 PM
15 Mon 20 May 04:23 AM 6:44 PM
16 Tue 21 May 04:22 AM 6:44 PM
17 Wed 22 May 04:22 AM 6:44 PM
18 Thu 23 May 04:22 AM 6:45 PM
19 Fri 24 May 04:21 AM 6:45 PM
20 Sat 25 May 04:21 AM 6:45 PM
21 Sun 26 May 04:21 AM 6:46 PM
22 Mon 27 May 04:20 AM 6:46 PM
23 Tue 28 May 04:20 AM 6:46 PM
24 Wed 29 May 04:20 AM 6:47 PM
25 Thu 30 May 04:20 AM 6:47 PM
26 Fri 31 May 04:19 AM 6:47 PM
27 Sat 01 June 04:19 AM 6:48 PM
28 Sun 02 June 04:19 AM 6:48 PM
29 Mon 03 June 04:19 AM 6:49 PM
30 Tue 04 June 04:19 AM 6:49 PM

Fasting is aimed at drawing worshippers closer to God through self-control, remembrance and humility. The challenge of fasting for many is also a chance to reset spiritually and physically, kick bad habits and purify the heart. During the day, Muslims must also abstain from sex, gossip and cursing, and are encouraged to focus on meditative acts like prayer, reading the Quran and charity.

It's common practice across many Muslim-majority nations for liquor stores and hotels to curb the sale of alcohol during Ramadan. Often, restaurants shutter their doors during the day. Those exempt from fasting include children, the elderly, the sick, women who are pregnant, nursing or menstruating, and people travelling.

The Ramadan fast begins with a pre-dawn meal called "suhoor" to prepare hungry stomachs for the long day ahead. A typical suhoor often includes bread, vegetables, fruits, yogurt, tea, as well as lentils and beans. At sunset, when it's time to mark the end of the daylong fast, families and friends gather for an evening meal known as "iftar." 

Muslims typically break their fast as the Prophet Muhammad did some 1,400 years ago, by eating sweet dates and drinking water, followed by a sunset prayer. Then, the iftar meals are enjoyed. 

These are often lavish affairs of home-cooked platters of rice, stews and meat, as well as spreads of desserts and other sweets. While Muslims around the world welcomed the start of Ramadan with traditional greetings and messages of peace, the start of the Muslim holy month in the Gaza Strip was marked by sounds of outgoing Palestinian rockets and incoming Israeli airstrikes.

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First Published : 09 May 2019, 09:20:58 PM