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Renowned dining hotspot in Jodhpur, Bungalow 12, now sets its sight on redefining the city's nightlife

Renowned Dining Hotspot In Jodhpur, Bungalow 12, Now Sets Its Sight On Redefining The City's Nightlife

By : Brand Stories | Updated on: 09 Sep 2023, 06:13:15 PM
Bungalow 12 - Revolutionizing Jodhpur’s culinary

Bungalow 12 - Revolutionizing Jodhpur’s culinary landscape (Photo Credit: social media)

New Delhi:

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented challenges hit different sectors, including the hospitality industry, which especially suffered due to a lack of mobility and changing consumer behavior. Amid this adversity, one name emerged triumphant and etched its mark in the heart of Jodhpur - Bungalow 12. This renowned vegetarian restaurant, established by visionary entrepreneurs Ravi Borana and Ashok Bishnoi, not only weathered the storm of the second COVID wave but also thrived, setting new standards of culinary excellence in the city. Having captivated the hearts of many, be it the residents of Jodhpur or the visitors, today, Bungalow 12 is a bustling must-visit. Additionally, today, Bungalow 12 not only stands as a testament to resilience but is also an inspiration for over 50 restaurateurs who have followed in its pioneering footsteps.

The buck does not stop at the roaring success of Bungalow 12. The founders, Ravi Borana and Ashok Bishnoi envision expanding their culinary empire with plans to introduce a chain of restaurants across India. Additionally, with insights the duo has gleaned from the journey of Bungalow 12, they plan to introduce Club B12, a vibrant nightclub in Jodhpur, to redefine the nightlife landscape in the city. The upcoming nightclub, Club B12, promises to bring a unique and unparalleled experience to the city that the residents of Jodhpur have not experienced before. With its innovative approach and commitment to excellence, Bungalow 12 is poised to captivate even more hearts and palates in the city.

At Bungalow 12, the customers are treated to an extraordinary dining experience that stimulates their taste buds and leaves them with a lasting impression. With a team of exceptional chefs and an extraordinary array of vegetarian dishes, Bungalow 12 has placed itself at the pinnacle of culinary excellence in Jodhpur.

Apart from the ambiance and the exceptional taste of the vegetarian delicacies, what sets Bungalow 12 apart is its thrust on sustainability. The restaurant proudly shuns the use of plastic and actively adopts eco-friendly practices to protect the environment for generations to come. Moreover, Bungalow 12 goes above and beyond by offering exquisite vegetarian alternatives for meat that uphold its dedication to animal welfare and promote a compassionate lifestyle. In other words, while delighting the customers with an uncompromising taste profile and delectable vegetarian dishes, Bungalow 12 embraces eco-friendly practices, which further solidifies its reputation as a responsible industry leader.

Sharing his thoughts about the mission of the restaurant, Ravi Borana, Co-Founder of Bungalow 12, said, “Bungalow 12 was envisioned to be a culinary haven. It aims not only to serve delicious dishes but also to create a positive impact on the planet and promote a greener future. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bungalow 12 boldly emerged as a trendsetter, inspiring numerous ventures. Our commitment to providing pure vegetarian food stems from our belief in promoting a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.”

“At Bungalow 12, we strive to create an extraordinary dining experience that surpasses all expectations. We are proud to be at the forefront of the sustainable dining movement by embracing eco-friendly practices that preserve our environment and saying no to plastic usage. As Bungalow 12 continues to elevate its culinary vision, we eagerly look forward to sharing more remarkable moments with valued customers,” Ashok Bishnoi, Co-Founder of Bungalow 12, added.

Further validating the first-rate services of Bungalow 12, the restaurant has gained much traction among celebrities. Over the last two years, the restaurant has witnessed visits from prominent personalities visiting Jodhpur, including The Mismatch (Web series) Team, the renowned musician Salim Suleman, and the late comedian Raju Shrivastava.

Bungalow 12’s commitment to serving authentic vegetarian delicacies, excellence, and sustainability has made it a trendsetter for its city. Setting the benchmark for quality and excellence, Bungalow 12 is always committed to delivering the best to its customers. It provides an unparalleled dining experience, immersing guests in a sophisticated and luxurious ambiance. From its authentic vegetarian delicacies and elegant interior decor to its warm and attentive staff, every aspect of Bungalow 12 exudes opulence.

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First Published : 08 Sep 2023, 07:01:34 PM

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