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Sukhoi-57 Vs F-35: Which Fighter Jet Has An Edge? Here’s A Detailed Analysis

The Fifth-generation, F-35s Are Lighter Aircraft With Comparatively Lower Manoeuvrability Than Su-57s.

By : Mohit Pandey | Updated on: 12 Sep 2019, 02:04:36 PM
Sukhoi-57 challenges the hegemony of ‘Fifth Generation Club’. (PC: Maxim Maksimov (, US Air Force (Master Sgt. Donald R Allen/


  • World’s strongest militaries are spending a huge chunk of overall GDPs on defence procurement
  • Russia unveiled Sukhoi-57, a fifth-generation aircraft in an air-show near Moscow
  • The mission of the F35 is to penetrate enemy territory, transfer data from the battlefield

New Delhi:

In the wake of increasing tensions worldwide, countries, no matter big or small, are putting a lot of efforts and money to make their borders secure and keep sovereignty unchallenged. When it comes to creating a protective shield to counter any eventuality, a series of weapons in land, sea and air are deployed. World’s strongest militaries like the United States, Russia and China are spending a huge chunk of their overall GDPs on defence manufacturing or procurement. But what do you think makes a country a bigger, greater force? Although all three components - Territorial Force, Air Force and Navy are equally important, it is the Air Force which usually leads the first wave of attack.

Whether it was India’s response to Pakistan in the wake of dastardly attacks in Pulwama or US bombing the ISIS infested areas in Syria, it is the Air Force and the fighter jets which enter others’ space to bolster resolves of nations and their rights to defend themselves. Today, we have at hand the task to compare some of the best fighter jets available in the world.

In August 2019, Russia unveiled Sukhoi-57, a fifth-generation aircraft in an air-show near Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin aggressively put the offer of these aircraft to allies like Turkey and India. Should India purchase it? Or Lockheed Martin’s F-35 would make a good deal for India? What will happen if a dogfight takes places between both these aircraft?

According to Military Watch, both the fighter jets are different and a comparison would be a little absurd. The fifth-generation, F-35s are lighter aircraft with comparatively lower manoeuvrability than Su-57s.

However, Lockheed Martin’s F-35s are super sophisticated American fighter jets basically designed to complement the elite F-22 Raptor jets, which no longer is under production.

The mission of the F35 is to penetrate enemy territory, transfer data from the battlefield and deliver strike from a maximum distance. With a maximum speed up to 2,000 kmph combined with stealth technology, F-35 becomes a go-to option for grand operations.

Sukhoi-57 also known as T50 has been designed as a heavy air superiority platform. It is expected to succeed the MiG-29 and Su-27 in the Russian Air Force. Su-57 is a double engine aircraft with a wingspan size of 13.95 metres while F-35 notches the size of 10.7 metres. The Russian jet is capable of carrying a weight of 35,000 kg and F-35’s is 31,800 kg.

Sukhoi-57 challenges the hegemony of ‘Fifth Generation Club’ dominated by the US alone and puts Russia as the second players in the elite club. China still continues to build its own fifth-generation fighter across the pacific.

Su-57 can fly at the maximum speed of 2,440 kmph while F-35 can hover at a maximum speed of 2,000 kmph, reports Reuters.

The US military currently has more than 200 F-35s and reports suggest that thousands more are on the way. Other nations have also bought, or seek to buy, the F-35 which include Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Turkey, Italy, Great Britain and Israel. On the other hand, Russia plans to offer Su-57 to Turkey which was debarred from US’ F-15 in the wake of its procurement of Russia made the S-400 Anti-Missile Defence System.

Hence, the result of F-35 versus Su-57 is unknown. And in most probability will remain an unknown for the foreseeable future.

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First Published : 12 Sep 2019, 02:04:36 PM