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SWAN ENERGY LIMITED Aggressive Growth Strategy:495 Rs Per Share Preferential Issue Signals Investor Confidence

SWAN ENERGY LIMITED Aggressive Growth Strategy:495 Rs Per Share Preferential Issue Signals Investor Confidence

By : Brand Stories | Updated on: 25 Sep 2023, 12:55:12 PM


New Delhi:

Swan Energy Limited (SEL), a prominent player in the integrated energy sector, has unveiled plans to raise capital by issuing 2.9 crore equity shares at RS 495 per share, with the aim of accumulating RS 690 crore. The decision to proceed with this preferential issue was given the green light by SEL's board of directors during their meeting on September 22, 2023.

This preferential issue has been priced at a premium of RS 494 per share over the nominal face value of RS 1 per share. The funds garnered through this capital-raising endeavor will be channeled into the company's growth-oriented initiatives, most notably the impending acquisition of Reliance Naval Engineering, under the provisions of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). The company has set a target of completing the preferential issue within 60 days from the time it secures the approval of its shareholders.

Other Recent Developments

In addition to the preferential issue, Swan Energy Limited has been at the center of several significant developments:

Rising Stock Price: SEL has witnessed a surge in its stock price in recent months, as investor sentiment has grown increasingly optimistic about the company's prospects.

Solar Power Project in Rajasthan: SEL has secured a major contract for the development of a solar power plant in Rajasthan, reflecting its commitment to renewable energy and sustainable practices.

Global Expansion Talks: The company is actively engaged in discussions with potential international partners to expand its operations and establish a foothold in overseas markets.

Impact of the Preferential Issue

The preferential issue is anticipated to exert a favorable impact on SEL's financial standing and growth trajectory. The proceeds from this issue will play a crucial role in funding the acquisition of Reliance Naval Engineering, a move that promises to bolster SEL's presence in the offshore oil and gas sector. Furthermore, the preferential issue is expected to enhance SEL's debt-to-equity ratio and fortify its liquidity position.

Notably, the issue price of RS 495 per share represents a premium over SEL's current market share price, providing an optimistic signal to investors. This move is also set to augment SEL's free float and enhance liquidity in the market.


The announcement of the preferential issue involving 2.9 crore equity shares at ₹495 per share is a momentous development for Swan Energy Limited. The premium price offered indicates the confidence investors have in the company's future growth prospects. Simultaneously, this financial maneuver is poised to bolster SEL's financial standing and liquidity.

The impending acquisition of Reliance Naval Engineering is a strategic decision that holds significant promise for SEL. As a leading offshore oil and gas engineering and construction company, this acquisition will expand SEL's footprint in the sector while granting access to the specialized expertise and technology of Reliance Naval Engineering.

In summary, both the preferential issue and the impending acquisition of Reliance Naval Engineering are positive developments for Swan Energy Limited. These strategic moves are anticipated to boost SEL's growth outlook and deliver enhanced value to its shareholders.

Furthermore, SEL's recent stock performance and its successful bid for a major solar power project demonstrate its robust growth potential. The company is well-positioned to capitalize on the escalating energy demands, both within India and in international markets. Therefore, investors are advised to closely monitor SEL's performance in the forthcoming months and years.

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First Published : 25 Sep 2023, 12:47:43 PM

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