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Car ka Jugaad: Top 7 car hacks that will make driving even more enjoyable experience

Sharing With You Very Easy Hacks To Keep You And Your Baby Running With A Panache.

By : Tahir Qureshi | Updated on: 06 Sep 2017, 07:35:31 PM
Car ka Jugaad (Agency image)

New Delhi:

We love our cars just like our babies, or baby (pun intended) and make sure that the darling piece of machinery keeps on running and stays in shape both inside as well as outside.

So, here we are sharing with you very easy hacks to keep you and your baby running with a panache. 

1. Car freshness redefined. After you are done with chewing the gum, just stick it on its aluminium foil from one side without folding while you stick the gum part to either side of the inside of your car. Let the foil be spread to its entire length and breadth. Stick around 12 to 15 gums in the same manner and feel the level of freshness inside. You can increase the number of chewing gum stick fresheners depending on the size of your vehicle. 

2. During the hot season, one cannot do without the car air conditioner. But most of us start using the cooling machine as soon as we get inside our vehicles because the heat is indeed unbearable. Use the icebox full of ice to cool things inside. Here’s how to do it. Open all the doors of your car and switch on the fan so that the heat escapes. After about a minute close the doors and roll down the front two windows. Put the icebox full with ice cubes on the rear seat, lift up the lid and switch on the fan. The air will start working on the ice cubes and you can see, feel the difference in the inside temperature. After about two minutes roll up the windows, switch on the ignition and drive on. As the ice melts into chilled water it will keep on working as a coolant. When the chilled water starts heating up, switch on the car air-conditioner. It saves a lot of fuel, increases mileage, and puts lesser load on the car engine.         

3. Sometimes we go to new places and when we come back it is difficult to locate the exact location where we parked our cars. To make the locating job easy, click a few pictures of the prominent surroundings and landmarks. These pictures will lead you to the spot where your car is resting. 

4. Sticking particular kind of stickers on the windshield is something fashionable. But once you are done with it, you feel like peeling them off. But the thought of leaving behind the mark or residue stops you and a visit to a car cleaner will cost something. Here, newspaper and a little water will do the trick for you. Moisten a sheet of newspaper and place it firmly over the sticker mark for about half an hour. It will unstiffen the residue. Use a piece of soft plastic or an old relapsed debit card to scrape off the extra sticky layer and glue. Use a gentle touch so you don't scratch the paint.

5. Diagonal parking. We are used to parking our vehicles in straight lines, whereas parking them diagonally will not only make way for more vehicles but make it very easy to drive them out.

6. We just love it when our cars score well on the mileage quotient. Taking it a level up, when you are going down a flyover or a slope, steer to the left most side, switch off the engine and let gravity and the leverage of your car take you to the optimum distance. This is best suited for a traffic jam. But you have to make sure that the movement and safety of other vehicles are not affected and you too are on a safe ground. 

7. While at the petrol pumps, be ready with the cash or your petro/credit card so that you make your payment as soon as your tank is filled up. This will not only save your time but also avoid unnecessary delay and inconvenience to the others in line.   

Cars are a beautiful piece of machinery and by using simple yet effective hacks we can make sure that they keep on looking as new as ever without compromising the safety of others and self.

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First Published : 06 Sep 2017, 07:33:10 PM