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Halloween Costumes You Can Steal From Your Favourite Celebrities

Halloween, Christmas, Coachella... You Name It All Share The Strait- The Battle Of Costumes.

By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 28 Oct 2019, 09:52:46 AM
Halloween costumes you can steal (Photo: Facebook)

New Delhi:

Halloween, Christmas, Coachella... you name it all share the strait- the battle of costumes. Like many of the celebrations that you know, Halloween is also a proliferation from a digressed cultural intent.  And like Santa Claus where children are lullabied into the false belief of this pot-bellied dude who will descend from the chimney in his reindeer-drawn sleigh with gifts if they are good, Halloween is also another culturally woven practice.  For unbeknownst to them and contrary to the origin of the Christian belief, Santa Claus have its origin from the pagan god, Odin. The children sure will be baffled to know that much like the Norse God, Odin, Santa Claus is also shown in a very similar fashion with a white beard and flowing coat. 

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Celebrations and festivals most of the times are drawn or with time grow contradictorily to the intent of the ones celebrating. And Halloween is no different. Originally a celebration of the ancient Celtic festivals of Samhain celebrated with people lighting bonfires and wearing costumes to ward off ghosts, Halloween is now celebrated as a spooky-licensed day. 
The celebration as such is all about funs and games. And people go about conjuring their Ted Bundy, Dracula side with the spookiest of costumes. Halloween now is more like an all age costume-competition and your favourite celebrities’ fervour are no less than any other participants. 

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From the Vampire Queen to Jessica Rabbit looks, these are some of the Hollywood costumes you can steal from your favourite celebrities.

Go Popeye like The Rock
If you’re are a 90’s born kid, Popeye will unquestionably be one of your favourite cartoons shows. Although the Rock is better of playing the beefy Maui he is in Moana you can definitely steal this Popeye look. A set of belly-showing sailor shirt, a white sailor cap and of course the Popeye-style side pipe and you are good to go Popeyeee!

Vampire Queen like Katy Perry
If there is something you should know about Katy Perry, know that she is a Halloween fan. Appearing as a sad Chetto or as Jane Lane her costumes are always on to the point. However, her Look as the Vampiric queen are hands down the best till date. You can go Katy-Vampire-Look with a body suit, a sheer dress, fangs, a crown, some piercing coloured contact lenses and you are all vampire costume ready!

A human skeleton like Kim Kardashian
Ghost, evils spirits, squeaking skeletons all sum up Halloween. You can go all skelly like Kim in a spandex-type full bodysuit and some white colours to paint-brush the bones on. Although you might be needing a sketch artist for this one, this look is definitely the epitome of Halloween costume.

Iggy Azalea As Cruella de Vil
When it’s a costume inspiration nothing beats  those of the baddies. And the baddies don’t always have to be witches, ghosts and ghouls. For the perfect nightmarish look, this dog-killing monster, Cruella de Vil is perfect. Because there is no scarier look than the furry killers, right?

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First Published : 20 Sep 2019, 03:24:25 PM