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Yearender 2019: 10 Fashion Trends That Revived 1970s And 80s

2019 Fashion Trend Saw A Wave Of The 1970's And 80's Fashion Take The Runway.

By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 30 Dec 2019, 03:11:32 PM
2019 A Revival Of The 1970’s And 80’s Fashion Trends

New Delhi:


Anyone who calls a particular fashion ‘out of fashion’, is a pseudo-fashionista because fashion never goes out of fashion, it just waits for that one very-confident person to pull of 'the look' stashed away in your unused trunk to start a new wave of fashion altogether. And why do we say this? 2019 has been a profound example. The year saw a revival of the 1970’ and 80’s that we only saw in movies such as ‘Grease’ or in an archaic black and white photos of our parents with a Jimi Hendrix hair and an Amitabh Bachchan flare pants that, back then, looked like it could swallow you a whole.

Ahead of 2020, we break down 2019's top 10 fashion trends drawn from the '70s and '80s that we absolutely love:

Oversized Blazers: While we basically look like a kid in our parents blazers, this look, very common in the 70’s is effortless chic non-the-less and effortless. Matching it with a tiniest crop top or just the blazer itself with a big, WWE like belt is bound to make heads turn.

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Off shoulder: A very boho-look that brings out the femininity in us, off-shoulder, be it a dress, blouse or even a shirt can make you feel stylish without even having to think just as one feels carefree in a sunflower sundress. 


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Flare Pants: A look that once surfaced in the early 2000 only to return in the 2019, flare pants, now worn mostly by women demands for an attention, a funnel attention! 

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Monochrome look: Commonly mistaken for a more reserved or formal, corporate kinda look, monochrome look is for the bold and daring, which, so to say, is a quality every women desires on the inside.

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Blings: A fashion trend most common in the disco scene and can even give the disco balls a run for the money, blings make you stand out and in a good, blingy way. 

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Neon Green: A colour that at one point of time makes you cower in docility at the thought that you might look like a firefighter or a road-indicator, neon green, is not so bad after all. It just takes a living-and-breathing fashion lover, Blake Lively and up-to-trend Janhvi Kapoor to show us. 

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Mum jeans: Being fashionable don’t always mean the on-point makeup with knee-high boots, its sometimes can mean looking the best in your least expected and mum-jeans, a name wrongly tagged as a boring, busy-mom look is it. 

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Makeup no-makeup look: With the rising plastic-surgery and cosmetic-correction trend, 2019 also equally saw the rise of the makeup, no-makeup look i.e. a look that leans in the more, natural, glowly-look though we have to admit trying to look natural has never been more time consuming. 

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Puff shoulders: A look that your 70’s born mum once pulled off, puff shouldered fashion is also a good opportunity for us to rummage through our husbands or boyfriends closet, because a women can never have too much of clothes. 

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Polka Dot: Last but not the least, the good one old polka dot, is a fashion trend that has never broken the fashion chain. It can be remembered as a look best worn by Marilyn Monroe or the Duchess of Susses or just your next-door neighbour passing by your window in her eye-caching polka dot dress. 


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First Published : 30 Dec 2019, 02:04:12 PM