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Five exotic fruits you must not miss in your lifetime

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 02 Nov 2018, 05:47:51 PM
Five exotic fruits you must not miss in your lifetime (Photo:Facebook)

New Delhi:

Exotic fruits are hard to find, but if trying unconventional delicacies is your thing, these five exotic fruits will leave you spell-bound. Looking like fruits straight out of an extra-terrestrial universe, these exotic fruits are intriguing to the eyes and beneficial for health.

Longan: With an appearance like lychee, longan is a close cousin of lychee. Having a thin, smooth, brown outer shell and a more translucent flesh, longan is sweeter and meatier. It has a more distinct taste than lychee.

Rambutan: Of the same family as lychee and longan, rambutan is native to Southeast Asia.  With a bright red skin with green spikes shooting out, resembling hair, the rambutan isn’t as harmful as it looks. The spikes are soft and harmless and the skin can easily be pulled apart to a ball of white flesh that is wrapped around a large almond-shaped seed.

Dragon fruit: Another fruit that is native to Southeast Asia, dragon fruit has a pink leathery skin ornamented with flaring green leaves. However, with dragon fruit the inside depends on which dragon fruit you pick, white or red. Both the red and white inside dragon fruit are speckled with tiny, edible black seeds and have the consistency of a pear but with a slight kiwi undertone.

Guanabana: A native to Caribbean islands, guanabana has a taste similar to custard apple. Resembling a pear and  mango with spiky hair,  the exotic fruit has a taste mixture of pineapple, banana and strawberry. The seeds are also practically identical to that of custard apple.

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Spoiled by the organic markets, we haven’t been to Ubud’s morning market since we arrived from the north till this morning. And what a pleasant surprise awaited us here, the unexpected freak durian season brought in the other fruits typically reserved for the rainy season - mangosteen and rambutan. On an average year its not until February that you can experience mangosteen en masse in Bali. Meanwhile, here we are, three months earlier than usual and everyone is a mangosteen seller at the morning passar. We bought 5kgs for breakfast - and what a treat they were! I really love buying mangosteens in Bali because here, unlike many other places in SE Asia, the mangosteen is picked ripe off the tree, and it is a fruit that has to be picked ripe - they do not ripen when picked prematurely. How can you tell a prematurely picked mangosteen? It will be pale or it might have bright yellow latex drops - in a ripe mangosteen you wont find any latex. The best manggis (local name for mangosteen) will look like the ones in the picture - thin, dark colored rind of the skin in a shade of deep aubergine. The very sweetest, as once observed by my dear friend @rimoczizsofi will have pink petals rather than green ones. What are some other ways to pick a good mangosteen? They have to be ‘fresh looking’ - the petals part, which is technically not petals but I forget its name - have to be green or pink, a pile of manggis with a brown tinge is old. Then, no yellow latex showing, dark fruits only and most importantly - soft all around the whole circumference of the fruit. We will typically pick each mangosteen one by one, feeling every fruit, even when we will be buying massive amounts every day for our retreat in Borneo. Borneo has amazing mangosteen too, along with a landslide of jungle fruits to be found nowhere else in the world. Join us for an all-you-can-eat fruit paradise this winter, we have the very, very last spots left for 13-19 December and 11-17th January, for more info email us now at and SEE YOU IN BORNEO BABY! 😎

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Mangosteen: With an appearance of a plum, it has thick, dark purple skin. Mangosteen is juicy and sweet with a hint of sourness and can be as refreshing as the watermelon. 

Which of these exotic fruits would you like to try?

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First Published : 02 Nov 2018, 03:55:35 PM