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How harmful is cow milk?

A Study Debunks The Old Believe That Cow Milk Is A Healthy Drink And Even Suggests That It May Increase The Risk Of Cancer.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Lungsanliu Gonmei | Updated on: 04 Dec 2018, 09:02:55 PM
Why you should avoid drinking cow milk - an expert says cow's milk is not designed for humans!

New Delhi:

Cow milk is believed to be a healthy diet drink and it is a common breakfast item in the table of most homes across the world. In fact, most Indians prefer fresh cow milk to any other milk. While cow milk is considered rich in calcium and protein and is often recommended to boost the body growth and for strong bones, some view it otherwise. In fact, a study debunks the old believe that cow milk is a healthy drink and even suggests that it may increase the risk of cancer. So, should you skip that milk which has been a must in your breakfast list? There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about different types of food and drinks. Going by several studies and reports on food by experts across the world, some of the foods that are considered good may be actually harmful. And some food believed to be bad for health are actually good. So, what is the truth behind the food you are eating or avoiding everyday? Here, we bring you some myths and misconception about common drinks.

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Should you drink cow milk?

There are endless debates over whether one should drink cow milk. Earlier, a study by US scientists say that replacing cow milk with beer in your daily diet plan can actually boost your health. Here’s what Karin Michels, Nutritional epidemiologist from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Los Angeles, was quoted as saying in a report by PTI.

“Cow’s milk is not designed for humans -- its composition is completely different from that of human mother’s milk."

She also said that drinking cow milk may increase the risk of several cancers, and suggest plant alternatives such as almond and soy.

Is drinking beer good for health?

Yes, a study suggests you need to replace cow milk with beer. While cow milk is believed to be a healthy drink and makes a common breakfast item on the table, a study by US scientists trashes the cow milk as a healthy drink. The study says that skipping cow milk and replacing it with beer may be good for health. The study that indicates the benefits of drinking beer was led by Michels.

Is drinking alcohol really bad?

The common believe is that alcohol consumption should be avoided as it can be destructive for the drinker. As excessive consumption of it is harmful, the important point is the measure and amount of drinks that one consumes. Drinks are commonly considered harmful in totality and the quantity that one needs to take is ignored.

Several studies have proved a series of benefits of consuming alcohol.

Here’s why you should drink alcohol (in moderation)

“Alcohol cleans out your coronary arteries, so if you have a strong family history of coronary artery disease, it may help you,” Michels suggests in the study.

How much alcohol should you have in a day?

However, “you have to balance the intake against the fact that alcohol increases the risk of many cancers. For most people, we recommend limiting alcohol consumption to one beverage a day," Michels added.

There are several other misconceptions about several drinks. And several studies have busted the myths about not only drinks but also food. While there are pros and cons to everything, one may choose to believe what ones to. But a balanced diet and consumption of food in moderation is advised to avoid their negative effects.

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