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Gobbling ice-creams might be good for your health!

By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 16 Sep 2018, 11:59:16 PM
ice-creams might be good for your health (Photo: Twitter)

New Delhi:

You might think, the Raspberry Ripple ice-cream you so love gouging on is a new-age delicacy. Well, that might not be quite exactly so! Apart from adding food additives, preservatives and the synthetic flavours, ice-cream has been consumed longer than you know. Apparently, the love to munch on this frosty, milky bite has always been perennial. First believed to have eaten in China in around 618-97 AD, ice-cream is still a favourite delicacy/snack/dessert.

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Once you read these mind boggling facts about how eating ice cream can build up your health. You will surely get your scoops and bowls ready after reading this.

• Ice-cream has been proven to be a good source of energy. Made from the churning, chilling and mixing high-fat milk or cream, with a fructose or glucose-based sweeteners, Ice cream is rich in carbohydrates. A serving of ice-cream also contains about 7 grams of fat and 2 grams of protein, making it an energy-rich food. Hence, ice-cream is the best, chilling-choice when you need energy or want to put on a few pounds.
• Ice cream is a diary product meaning they can be of great nutritional value. It is particularly rich in calcium and phosphorus. And both calcium and phosphorus are known to promote strong, healthy bones. Moderate consumption of ice-cream might be helping your children in their growth.
• Ice cream is a happy delicacy. This is because ice cream stimulates the hormone of happiness known as thrombotonin. They also contain L-triptophane, which is also found in bananas, no surprise bananas are known as a happy fruit. Hence, ice cream helps relax the nervous systems and can also help prevent sleeping-disorders such as insomnia.
Over eating of ice cream can nullify all the benefits that you have gained and can also affect your health. Since, Ice cream is a high-fat food, over consumption of ice-cream can build high blood cholesterol level that raises the risk of heart disease and stroke. Replace your regular ice-cream with a low-sugar one to lower the risk of high cholesterol and sugar-related ailments. People with lactose-intolerance should stay away from Ice cream! However, if you are to eat ice-cream regardless of your lactase deficiency, you can replace milk ice cream with soy milk or another dairy substitute.

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But remember, moderation is the key to everything. And that includes ice cream too!

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First Published : 16 Sep 2018, 03:14:14 PM