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Why you should not eat papaya

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Salka Pai | Updated on: 25 Jul 2018, 03:38:48 PM
Why you should not eat papaya (Representative Image)

New Delhi:

Papaya, considered to be beneficial for one's health and looks, may be harmful for the body in some health conditions. Papaya, which scientific name is called Carica papaya, is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and contain anti-oxidants. Consuming this high-energy food, which is popularly called papaw or pawpaw, wrongly may cause some side effect. Which is why, you should not eat papaya in some cases.

Here's why you should not eat papaya:

Eating papaya can cause miscarriage

According to science, green papaya is harmful for pregnant women. The consumption of roots, seeds and infuse of papaya leaves may cause miscarriages. The unripe papaya has high concentration of latex which can lead to unwanted termination of pregnancy. Excess papaya intake may also damage certain membranes in women’s body that are essential for fetal or fetus. As the fruit ripens, it reduces the concentration of latex significantly. However, to prevent any causes, it is best for expectant moms to avoid papayas.

Allergens in Papaya can cause respiratory disorders

The enzyme ‘Papain’ present in papaya provides anti-inflammatory benefits on our digestive system. However, the same enzyme has also contained strong allergen which is bad for our respiratory system. High volume of papaya consumption may give rise to various respiratory issues like obstructed breathing, wheezing/exhaling, congestion of nasal passage, hay fever etc due to beta carotene present in the fruit.

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Papaya can damage the foodpipe

This juicy papaya has rich medicinal properties and acts as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Though papaya leaves are commonly used to treat dengue fever, there is risk associated when it is taken in excess. Overeating papaya may damage your esophagus, the foodpipe that connects your throat to your stomach. However, moderate serving of papaya is safe.

Papaya may cause kidney stone development

Papaya is rich in vitamin C which provides antioxidant and helps in protecting skin cells from premature aging, reduce risk of development of cancer, boost immune system and help to regulate better blood circulation etc. However, excess intake may lead to certain health issues which includes forming of kidney stones. The toxic available in the vitamin may lead to easy formation of kidney stones.

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Papaya causes allergy

Cosmetologists are relying on the ingredients of papaya cosmetics to address premature aging and other dermatological issues. However, to some users, the rich presence of vitamin C causes allergy. The reason: according to science, pollens on the flower may stick on the skin of papaya which may have react to sensitive skin. To save yourself from pollen allergy, it is advisable to clean papaya while wearing a hand-glove. Also, to avoid allergy reactions, cover mouth and nose with clean towel or cloth while discarding the papaya peel.

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First Published : 20 Jul 2018, 06:44:04 PM