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Anti-Obesity Day 2018: Everyday habits that are causing you to gain weight

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 27 Nov 2018, 01:10:54 PM
Everyday habits you do that are causing you to gain weight ( Photo: File Photo)

New Delhi:

Anti-obesity day 2018 raises the public awareness of how obesity is a public health hazard. While overeating is also one of the cause for unwanted weight gain, there are also other factors such as genetics, metabolism, environment and behaviour that can cause obesity.
There is no single behaviour that makes you overweight or obese — however, there is a cluster of not-so-healthy everyday habits that are causing an increased likelihood of being overweight or obese.

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These are some of the everyday-habits that you are guilty of doing that is leading you to unwanted weight gain:

  1. Watching too much TV: Too much TV means many hours of sitting. And long hours of sitting have been known to slow down the metabolism, which affects the body's ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat. Unsurprisingly, if you watch a lot of TV you’re more likely to live a sedentary lifestyle, which means you are at an alarming risk of putting on unwanted weight. 
  2. Not sleeping enough: A good diet, a fair amount of exercise and enough sleep amount adds up as a healthy lifestyle. But over the years, studies have shown that not getting enough sleep has been affecting your health at an alarming rate. A study suggested that getting five-and-a-half hours sleep or less every night subconsciously compels you to consume more and more calories. This is because a lack of sleep upsets the reward centre of your brain, or disrupts the hormones that control hunger.
  3. Sleeping too much: Sleeping too much is as bad for weight gain as sleeping too little. A study from the University of Glasgow researchers determined that sleeping more than nine hours a night has a “fairly substantial adverse influence on bodyweight” pointing to a genetic predisposition towards obesity. Adults are recommended to aim for about seven to nine hours most nights and to go to sleep and rise at roughly the same time every day.
  4. Eating meals while watching Tv: A research by the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Research Centre has stated that eating while watching Tv could be a prime reason for you putting on weight unknowingly. This is because according to the team of researchers, you subconsciously eat more when you’re distracted by the TV.

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Other everyday habits that are upping your weights are, drinking too much alcohol which often makes you more likely to make poor eating decisions when you’re sauced. Stressing over things can also lead to weight gain. That could be because the stress hormone cortisol can slow down metabolism and induce your body to store more fat. Having late night snacks can also add to weight gain.

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First Published : 26 Nov 2018, 05:53:28 PM