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Chronic Migraine: These super-foods can help prevent severe headache

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 14 Sep 2018, 04:36:16 PM
Paying attention to your diet is one of the easiest ways to keep migraine at bay (Photo:Twitter)

New Delhi:

Chronic migraine, a kind of headache that usually affects on one side of the head and accompanied by nausea or light sensitivity, is often caused by high acidity in the stomach, emotional triggers such as stress, depression, anxiety, excitement. Migraines are even caused by physical challenges such as tiredness, insufficient sleep, shoulder or neck tension, poor posture or even physical overexertion. Paying attention to your diet is one of the easiest ways to keep migraine at-check.

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These are the five foods that can help prevent migraine:

  1. Ginger tea: As an ancient remedy, ginger tea has is consumed for various health problems. They are consumed for an upset stomach and is also one of the most popular drinks for headaches and migraines. Ginger is known to be an effective sumatriptan, which is used to treat migraine pain.
  2. Dark leafy greens: Dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale, amaranth leaves, arugula, beet greens, and lettuce are known to reduce a wide range of chronic conditions, migraines included. Leafy greens such as spinach are high in vitamins B2 and B6 as well as omega-3s which have been known to reduce migraine. Riboflavin found in spinach has been found to be effective at reducing headache frequency, intensity, and duration.
  3. Nuts and seeds: Snack on magnesium filled snacks such as almonds, sesame seeds, cashews, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts and walnuts for a reduce in migraine-occurrence. Study shows that people with frequent headaches or migraines have lower magnesium levels. Hence, snacking on these nuts and seeds will increase magnesium and prevent migraine.
  4. Eggs: Eggs has a rich source of nutrients such as protein, selenium, iron, vitamin B, zinc, copper. Riboflavin B and B vitamins have been known to play a huge role in headache and migraine prevention and treatment. If egg is in your breakfast routine, you should probably stick to it.
  5. Whole grains: Skipping meals can be one of the frequent occurring of your headaches. Curb the headaches, migraine included by eating whole grains. Eat complex carbohydrates and fibre such as buckwheat, barley, bulgur, whole oats, whole grain breads, and quinoa to stay full longer, keep the blood sugar levels stable and the migraines at bay.
  6. Cold-water fish: As mentioned, occurrence of migraine has also to do with the diet. Chronic headache sufferers found that an increase in the omega 3 fatty acids can help prevent headache. Fishes such as salmon, sardines, tuna, herring, halibut, mackerel are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Eating them can help prevent types of headaches such as migraine.

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Not only can specific foods prevent headache, it can also trigger headache. Avoid food additives and processed foods which are considered to trigger migraine. Also, make sure to reduce alcohol and caffeine intake. However, some experts advice black coffee intake to prevent migraine headache.

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First Published : 14 Sep 2018, 03:58:16 PM