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Fitness habits one must fit into daily busy schedule

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 21 Aug 2018, 05:06:14 PM
Fitness habits one must must into your busy schedule ( Photo: Twitter/ @twanderingeater )

New Delhi:

Fitness habits are often ignored when you are trying to survive a busy schedule. Your list of things to do never ends till you hit the bed to sleep. The list is often carried over. The fitness habits needed to implement in everyday super busy schedule is a promise always broken. The plan of workout routine or yoga is often hampered with the struggle to get out of bed or in running against time to complete your schedule. While you are rushing through the hustle and bustle of the day, keep in mind a few fitness healthy habits to keep you kicking good the whole day. 

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Here are some of the fitness habits one must not ignore to have a healthy lifestyle

1. Eat meals instead of snacking
When time becomes your enemy having three full meals a day is often overlooked. This health habit is often replaced with consumption of snacks often resulting in more uninvited calories. Hence, to start imbibing the healthy habits within your busy schedule having three meals a day should be the start for a healthy body metabolism.

2. Stay Hydrated
This healthy habit is never emphasised enough if one is to live healthy. Not only will your body stay hydrated it also keeps you energised and extra focused. So, it is not an apple a day that keeps the doctor away but eight glasses of water.

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3. Learn to reduce the stress 
Our busy schedule makes stress a synonymous term. To combat the stress there are some super quick yet easy methods one can implement. Such as the simple slow breathe in and breathe out, sipping the long two month-ago- bought green tea or even smelling lavender. Taking a stroll around the block, taking pets out for a walk is also an immense stress booster.

4.Interval training
With our busy schedule our body is often deprived of the movement it needs to have a proper functioning body. Such crucial deprivation can be made up even when busy. Take short bursts of high density exercises, rotate the angle every once a while, do leg lifts, squat and do not forget to take the stairs. This healthy habit is sure to make up for the broken cardio promise. 

5.Keep the tech at bay
If this even makes you better, your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account will still be there the next day. Your body is already exposed to vision problems, hearing loss, neck strain the most part of the day. So, cut off the unnecessary distraction when not at work. This healthy habit is bound to make your life more goal oriented, organized, focused and in contemplation to your surroundings.

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First Published : 21 Aug 2018, 03:12:01 PM