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Getting energy just by breathing? Woman claims she no longer needs solid food because of THIS practice

A 25 Year Old Woman In One Of The Most Bizarre Lifestyles Reveals That She Rarely Eats Solid Food Solid To Stay Alive And Gets Most Of Her Energy From Breathing Exercises, Smoothies, And Tea.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 28 Jun 2019, 05:01:07 PM
Woman claims she no longer needs solid food (Photo: Instagram\Audra Bear)

New Delhi:

If getting energy just by breathing sounds beyond impossible, wait till you meet 25-year-old woman, Audra Bear. Bear, in one of the most bizarre lifestyles reveals that she rarely eats solid food solid to stay alive and gets most of her energy from breathing exercises, smoothies, and tea. Audra, 25, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, used to be vegan investing lifelong interest in health and healing and has tried various diets over the years to up her appetite and achieve optimum health until she discovered the 'pranic' lifestyle of 'breatharianism' a vital force in Hinduism eight months ago when everything changed.

Breatharianism or Inedia as per Wikipedia is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food. Breatharians claim that food, and in some cases water, are not necessary for survival, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana, the vital life force in Hinduism.

After having discovered Breatharianism, Bear claims that she can now even survive up to 97 days consuming only teas, juices and smoothies.

"Breath work is the base of healing and detoxification for the physical and emotional body, 70 per cent of toxins in the body are released through respiration.

"It gently guides your body into para sympathetic nervous system which relieves stress, aids digestion, stops cravings, increases mentally clarity and happiness.

"Most days I just drink teas, fruit juices, green juices and fresh coconut waters. I do eat occasionally now, but more for celebratory reasons’’ she claims.

Practicing the breath work anywhere between one and three hours a day, Audra claims she feels relaxed, eating solid food only on occasions.

Nutrition scientist Helena Gibson-Moore however, is not of the same opinion as Audra and has warned about the health consequences of consuming just liquid food.

Speaking to LadBible, Helena warned, "A diet that only includes fruit juices and teas is likely to be low in energy so although initial weight loss may occur, in the long term you will be missing out on important nutrients for good health.

"By only consuming one food group such as fruit and vegetables, in a specific way such as juicing, without balancing it with other food groups, is not healthy and can be harmful if sustained over time.

"Whilst the evidence for such diets in terms of disease prevention is lacking, there is a wealth of evidence that varied and balanced dietary patterns including fruit and veg, wholegrains, good sources of protein like oily fish, pulses and nuts, some dairy or dairy alternatives, some unsaturated fats and lower intakes of fatty processed meats, refined grain, salt, saturated fat and sugary foods and drinks is associated with better health outcomes."

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First Published : 28 Jun 2019, 05:01:07 PM