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If you are overweight and fat then you must follow these tips to shed the bulk

There Are Many Instances When Overweight And Fat People Have Been Humiliated For Their Body Types.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Tahir Qureshi | Updated on: 08 Aug 2017, 04:31:25 PM
Sure-shot ways that will help you lose weight and lead a healthy happy life (File photo)

New Delhi:

“Hey fatso, how many more pounds do you plan to put on?”  

“Are you in a race to set Guinness record for being the fattest?”

“If only you were not this fat there would be more food for others!”

“You are not poor with being the storehouse of fat.”  

These are just very few insults that a fat or an obese person has to endure almost on a daily basis. Bullies don’t realize that fat shaming may have a severe impact on the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of fat, overweight people.

Just a few months back, bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala at Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital conducted bariatric surgery procedure on 36 years old Eman Ahmed, who was the then world’s heaviest woman weighing a whopping 500 kg. The surgery helped her to lose a significant 270 kg. It should be mentioned that of her 36 years life, Eman had not stepped out of her home for a period of 25 years since she was bedridden.

This is not an isolated incident. There are many instances when overweight and fat people have been humiliated for their body types. It is time we realize that being fat or obese is not a condition to be scoffed at rather should be viewed as a situation which requires understanding and compassion.

As for those who are going through this phase, here we present sure-shot ways that will help you lose weight and lead a healthy happy life.  

1. Breakfast is a must: The first meal of the day is crucial as it provides with the energy to let you carry on with your daily chores. Hence, you must never skip the morning meal. It works best when it is taken within two hours of waking. 

2. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains: Include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your daily diet as they are rich in fibre and keep you full. Strictly avoid processed foods as they offer less fibre and are less satiating.

3. Eat little at short intervals: Instead of eating to the fullest at hours fixed for lunch and dinner, you should take small portions of meals at short intervals, say like two to three hours. This will keep you charged up, put less stress on your digestive system, let your metabolism function smoothly, and burn calories at a consistent pace.  

4. No soft drinks and alcohol: Soft drinks contain very high sugar levels hence they add to body weight. Liquid calories from alcoholic beverages accumulate fast and kill your chances of losing weight. 

5. Drink more water: Water helps to speed up weight loss by increasing the amount of calories your body burns and by keeping you satisfied thus preventing overeating. 

6. Physical activity: The most popular and talked about regimen which is highly effective as well in burning up caloeries and fat. It further helps in preventing gaining weight. So, pick up an activity that you enjoy and are able to keep up with on a regular basis. 

7. Meal timings are very important: Ideally, the breakfast should be taken early as it provides you energy and strength. It also prevents binge eating before lunch. Go for an early dinner so that your body has time to digest it well and avoid storing it as fat.  

Combine these easy tips with a good workout plan to shed the extra pounds and get in shape in no time. 

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First Published : 08 Aug 2017, 04:28:01 PM