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India's first BOOTCAMP enabled Body Mechanics gym is the latest in Delhi to get well-toned body, read to know more

Body Mechanics Was Started By Akshay Chopra A Former Squadron Leader In The Indian Air Force

By : Shambhudeep Hore | Updated on: 26 Nov 2017, 03:42:20 PM
Former IAF officer Akshay Chopra (News Nation)

New Delhi :

Health and fitness in Delhi just went from being better to best. With the opening of Body Mechanics (BM), India’s first fully automatic gymnasium where health and fitness freaks can get the taste of the concept of BOOTCAMPS.

Body Mechanics (BM) was started by Akshay Chopra, a former Squadron Leader in the Indian Air Force (IAF) and a three-time gold medallist of Mr. Gujarat competition and twice All India Services silver medallist.

The other brains behind the development and implementation of the concept are of Sunny Gambhir, Sanjeet Gulati who have devoted time and other resources to make this project a success. 

His research involves an independent and unbiased study of various topics, first from the evolutionary and historical standpoint and then the current research available.

With branches at Karkarduma and Janakpuri, Body Mechanics welcomes every health and fitness freaks with open arms irrespective of age, gender etc.

What Body Mechanics has in store for you?

  • Body mechanics is also planning to have a BM BOOTCAMP REVOLTION. The biggest boot camp event in the country which inculcates the toughness and brutality of the real military style training and the fun component of dance in one session.
  • BM is also planning to have its own supplement brand, PRIMAL NUTRITION, keeping in mind the absolute authenticity and result oriented goals of the clients.
  • First ever touch screen Individualized automated   workout system or BM AWS system for the clients and coaches to reduce errors, increase productivity and reduce client-coach interaction time.
  • Inculcation of regular unique boot camp sessions for group classes.
  • Inculcation of Animal Movements
  • First virtual gaming concept for cycling/spinning.
  • Speaking exclusively with News Nation, the former Squadran Leader breaks down the story behind the formation of Body Mechanics.  


Q. A fitness trainer nowadays is known as to how many celebrities he has transformed. Do you have any such experiences?

Fitness, sports and health are age old concepts. The so called celebrity culture has just cropped up, simply because there is a glamour quotient involved. I and even my coaches at Body Mechanics (BM) do not differentiate between any client based on his/her profession.

We have the top doctors, scientists, research scholars, defence forces and police personnel, models and physique competitors, sportsmen, people with multiple medical issues, kids and a lot more.

These people are the real challenge not only in terms of nutrition and workout program design but also in terms of intrinsic motivation towards staying fit.

A so called celebrity (specially in India) in most cases is nothing more than a guy or a girl who has all the time in the world to get fit and go to the parlour because his/her aim is to just look good. Except for the few, who have had a hard sports background, rest are nothing better than normal people and in most cases even worse.

Calling someone a celebrity because of their profession is linked to film and television industry is the biggest fad we need to get rid of.

Q. How exactly is Body Mechanics an automatic gym?

The concept of BM took years to form both in terms of research and experience. BM is the first gym in the country to fully inculcate the concept of BOOTCAMPS, fully in its regular routines. It came up with world's fiirst and only fully integrated touchscreen workout system which can be used by hundreds of clients simultaneously.

BM also developed the first 2d gaming system for cycling in India. The next phase of development for these systems is already on.   

Q. The rate of children below 18, suffering from diabetes and cardiac arrests have shown significant rise recently. Would you advise them to devote time in playing outdoor games or hit the gym?

We need to understand that most of the Olympic champions are well below 20 and in a lot of sports even below 14-16yrs. To get to that stage they need at least 10years of rigorous practice (not simple workouts) and we in India are still under the myth of kids working out with weights.

The right age is a kid to start doing weight training can be as low as 6 as it depends on the mental maturity of the kid and nothing else.

Ur muscles are blind. They respond to stimulus. A kid lifting a school bag of 10kg or a barbell, dumbbell, sandbag, bucket etc of the same weight will get the same effect on the muscles, depending on the movement being performed.

The biggest myth about weights effecting height, surprisingly does not have even a single case in the world ever to prove it. It's a complete myth. In BM we focus primarily on weight training and boot camp workouts for kids and elderly.

We have kids from 8 years to people over 70 years of age doing similar exercises. Resistance training is not only required, it's a must for the complete development of kids today.

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First Published : 25 Nov 2017, 07:39:21 PM