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Say goodbye to stress with these stress-alleviating herbal teas

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Chanshimla Varah | Updated on: 14 Oct 2018, 03:09:39 PM
Stress-alleviating herbal teas (Photo: Twitter)

New Delhi:

Stress, the one thing no one wants but everyone has. And it can be caused by a lot of consequences such as an exhausting work, an unstable relationship or financial difficulties. The bigger question now is how to get rid of it. 
There can be a lot of techniques such as practicing meditation, getting regular exercise or even talking to a mental health expert. However, did you also know that there are easier and healthier ways of dealing with stress? Herbal teas can be used as a natural effective way of treating stress. They can be used as a natural sedative and also a relaxing drink to give your body the peace it needs.

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These are the five herbal teas you need to try to combat stress:

  1. Green tea: The one item found in every kitchen shelf, Green tea, contains theanine, an amino acid which experts say can promote relaxation and treat a number of mental health problems. According to the experts, theanine may help lift mood, enhance brain function, and calm the body's response to stress.Other studies also show that people who drink green tea on a regular basis may have increased protection against high blood pressure and high cholesterol and even cancer.
  2. Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea has long been known as a natural sleeping remedy. According to studies, chamomile tea can help calm the nerves and also improve everyday activities for people battling with insomnia.This herbal tea is one among the main ingredients found in aromatherapy practises. Drinking chamomile tea in addition to the smell of chamomile might help you sleep more soundly, experts suggested.You can combine chamomile oil with lavender oil or sweet almond oil to your bed stand in a carrier oil just before you sleep.
  3.  Rosemary tea: According to some evidences, rosemary tea was found to enhance the brain health by stimulating brain activity involved in controlling mood.The journal of Fitoterapia in 2013 also stated that rosemary helped improve long-term memory in rats conducted by the scientists. The revealation came with the fact that the compounds found in rosemary may interfere with the activity of enzymes which are known to promote aging-associated impairment in memory.
  4. Catnip tea: A herbal tea of the mint family, catnip tea is used mostly as a natural calming agent for cats. Since, it acts as a calming agent for cats, catnip is also thought to possess sedative properties that can also help promote relaxation in humans.Catnip tea has also been found to treat stress-related health troubles like anxiety and insomnia although a lack of scientific support for its supposed health benefits is still being studied. 
  5. Oat straw tea: Taken from the above-ground parts of the oat plant, oat straw tea is known to ease common troubles like anxiety, insomnia and chronic stress. Oat straw is also sometimes plugged as an all-natural energy booster. Another known fold remedy, oat straw tea is believed to calm the mind. Other parts of the oat plan are also known to enhance the overall health such as oat bran to lower cholesterol levels and even lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

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It is also crucial on your part when it comes to alleviating your overall health. Having a stable sleeping routine is a good practise, also practise cutting down the sugar intake and also remember to add some physical activities in your schedule.

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First Published : 14 Oct 2018, 03:06:58 PM