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Sunday Story: 9 things you should do MORE to make your life meaningful and healthy!

In A Corporate World Our Lives Often Get Stuck Between The Activities Of Personal And Professional Lives. In A Transitional World, Where We Run Behind Our Future, We Often Forget The Things We Should Do Make Our Present Day Meaningful. Here Are 9 Things You Should Do MORE Often To Make Your Life Meaningful And Healthy.

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Aman Dwivedi | Updated on: 06 Mar 2016, 12:34:22 PM

New Delhi:

In a corporate world our lives often get stuck between the activities of personal and professional lives. In a transitional world, where we run behind our future, we often forget the things we should do make our present day meaningful. Here are 9 things you should do MORE often to make your life meaningful and healthy.

1. Spend More time with family members

Spending more time with your loved ones make them feel special. It brings new energy in the relationships and also works as a morale booster as they feel that there is someone who stands for them always. Also, it helps developing a better understanding with each other.

2. Read More books

Once upon a time, reading used to be a daily practice in people’s life. But with the evolution of television and cinema world, people are losing the habit of reading novels, books and other related stuff. One should at least read about his society, his own area of work and his individual interests. People who read more than the averages are often more logical and have a better approach towards life.

3. Laugh More

A person should make laughing a habit. Researches corroborate that laughing is the best natural stress buster for an individual.  There are always funny things going around you-Be it your workplace, home, or even in the marketplace.

Try finding logic in everything, but do never forget to find the Humour! Laugh More.

4. Dhyan(Meditation) More

To excel in life and reach new heights, you need concentration and focus. At every stage of life you need to develop your approach and enhance your understanding. People often waste hours in excessive thinking(also known as tension) but end up with no coclusion. Don’t think much, but take out 10 minutes only for thinking. Do Meditation for at least 10 minutes a day.

5. Drink More water

Researchers have found that the people who usually have a sitting job tend to consume lesser quantity of water. Many a times they are engrossed in their work so much that they even forget to drink water; they only drink when they feel excessive thrust. There are multiple benefits consuming water (Please google this). Don’t just drink when you are thirsty, but make more water a habit.

6. Walk More

Make walking a habit, it is considered as the best exercise . There are multiple benefits of walking. It has been proved that people who walk around 2-3 miles a day are healthier, more energetic and more immune to diseases.

7. Explore More

Exploring doesn’t necessarily mean backpacking and leaving to a tourist destination. Instead, it means to discover things around. For eg. If you are a Delhite there must be many places near you about which you keep hearing from friends and relatives, but you never visit there.

Take out time from your routine life, make a schedule and visit the unexplored world (market places, dining outlets, small shrines, libraries, museums etc.) around you.

This will act as a stress buster and will provide new ideas to you about your work and life, plus you will be amused to see the unseen. On the other hand, you will be able to spend extra time to your family members.

8. Most importantly, Work More.

Don’t be an ‘I won’t overtime’ person. Don’t be someone who would only do the work assigned to him. Daily, after end of your working hours and completion of the assigned work, spent at least 15-30 minutes for the critical analysis of how fruitful your day was, what new have you learnt, and what extra should you do to make your work different from others.

9. Donate More

Donating is a noble cause. Yes, we all make donations at times but we should make this a habit. This doesn’t mean that you to have to spend your hard earned money and cut your needs and desire. Instead, we ask you to donate the waste material at your house to the ones who are needy.

For eg. There are many unused dresses in your Almira which are unused for quite a while, your old pair of shoes which getting rotten in your shoe wreck, your books, and other items.

Donate More! This can bring change in someone’s life and will bring at least a smile on your face.

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First Published : 06 Mar 2016, 11:41:00 AM