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The Quiet Space: Running with the stars

Amid The Glitters And Bubbles Of Modern Life, Some Are Running On Empty While Some Are Rushing Endlessly. Some Are Chasing Dreams While Some Are Living Futile Dreams.

By : Abhishek Ranjit | Updated on: 05 Apr 2018, 01:02:39 PM
The Quiet Space: Running with the stars (Representative Image)

New Delhi:

Running with the stars may seem just a beautiful fantasy. When young, you are often told, “Aim for the stars”, and you waited upon shooting stars to make a wish. With the passing of years, as time flew, things changed. Instead of running with the stars, you are running against time. And bright city lights take over beautiful starry nights.

Amid the glitters and bubbles of modern life, some are running on empty while some are rushing endlessly. Some are chasing dreams while some are living futile dreams. While some are lost, some find themselves. But only the lost are found. And those lost among the stars are blessed because they get to run with the stars. How? All you have to do is dwell on the beauty of life and soon you’ll see yourself running with the stars.

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars and see yourself running with them”. ~ Marcus Aurelius

Aiming for the stars may be difficult though not impossible. But running with the stars? Yes, you can do it. Stop for a moment. You are rushing. You are hardly breathing. You are running on empty. Wait, take a look at the small, fresh green leaves budding on dry trees. Look at the brown fallen leaves that covers the ground beneath your weary feet.

But there's no time to stop. You are in a hurry. You are late for work. “I am late for work. When a patient man like my boss loses his cool, he might just throw me out the window,” you hollered back.

Throw you out the window? But there’s a whole wide world, a beautiful green earth outside the window. What’s outside the window is rarely on the mind, no matter how important. And the beauty of life…you see only when you almost give up when you are standing on the edge of life. 

Stop, you must as you are rushing to work or hustling around with the daily grind. Stop for a moment and think about the stars. What’s on your mind make all the difference in your life. When sad or in pain, it is the shape of your heart and mind that helps you see things in different light.

Watch the stars. Watch the soft ray of light wake you up as it streams through the window. Let the light from the sun, moon and stars shape your heart and mind. It will help you to dwell on the beauty of life. While the going may be tough and it may be easier said than done, you have a choice. Come rain or shine, you may choose to dwell on the beauty of life. And before long, you will see yourself running with the stars.

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First Published : 04 Apr 2018, 03:44:29 PM