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Things you did yesterday that made you fatter today!

News Nation Bureau | Edited By : Shifa Khan | Updated on: 02 Oct 2018, 05:39:13 PM
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New Delhi:

Eating healthy and exercising regularly can help prevent this sneaky weight gain. However, it’s often the little things that pack on the pounds. If you’re logging hours in the gym to no avail on the scale, it’s time to rethink your game plan. Here are the things you’d never suspect could be making you fat:

You gulped down your food with cola

Put down the pop! Studies have shown that subjects who drink two or more diet sodas a day have waist size increases up to six times greater than those of people who don’t drink diet soda. These insidious sodas may be free of calories, but they’re not free of consequences!

You didn’t chew your food

We are always in a hurry and do not even eat our meals in peace. Not only do we start getting hiccups when we swallow our food too fast but we lose lesser calories, our body takes more time to digest the swallowed food and fewer nutrients are absorbed.

You did not sleep enough

New research suggests sleepless nights don’t just ruin your mood the next day—they could also damage your waistline. Research has found that people who work out seem to burn the same number of calories as well-rested ones. People who slept fewer than 5 hours per night had a much higher risk of gaining weight than people who slept 7 hours or more.

You're loaded up with stress

When you have chronic stress, your body steps up its production of cortisol and insulin. Your appetite increases, and so do the chances you’ll engage in “hedonistic” eating in the form of high-calorie sweets and fats. When you try to combat stress with food, you activate the reward center of your brain. After that initial feel-good spell wears off, you’ll reach again for the same thing that made you feel good, calm, and relaxed in the first place: more food.

You're not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water can make you thirsty. Interestingly, thirst may be mistaken as a sign of hunger or food cravings by the body. Thus, requiring more food without actually feeling hungry! 

You're sitting for too long

Although it seems harmless, studies show that people who sit longer are more likely to be overweight. In addition, they have higher risks of chronic diseases and early death.  If your work involves sitting for long intervals, make sure you exercise either before work, during lunch or after work a few times per week. You can try standing while working too.

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First Published : 02 Oct 2018, 05:38:41 PM